Monthly Archives: December 2011

Migration Caused by Global Warming

Global warming has been affecting Earth for years now. Lately it has been causing aquatic animals to migrate to other bodies of water than where they were originally from.  It is being caused by ice melting, climates, and ice clogging passage ways.  Animals like whales, oceanic fishes, and stream fish have all been affected.  Bowhead … Continue reading Migration Caused by Global Warming

Butterfly Mimicry

The color red has many meanings, such as love, energy, and power.  But in nature it has another meaning.  For butterflies the color red means poison.  Several research teams have discovered that over time certain butterflies have changed their genes to mimic those of poisonous butterflies. The Heliconius butterflies mimic the genes of the Melinaea … Continue reading Butterfly Mimicry

Life or Death Hide and Seek

During many natural or terrorist-induced crises, humans have been trapped under buildings, cars, and many other large objects. Far too often, these people have been found too late to be helped. Scientists have recently started looking into ways to find these trapped people faster. They have found that these trapped people will release metabolites, or the … Continue reading Life or Death Hide and Seek