Developing Eczema

   When does eczema happen? What can happen because of eczema? How can you treat eczema? And how could it get worse?
Eczema is a rare disease that happens in an early age. In today’s world number of children with eczema is rising dramatically.  There was a study done at the University of Cincinnati done. They gathered information with 336 kids at Cincinnati Childhood Air and Pollution Study (CCAAPDS). They developed allergies because of their parents had allergies also.  If a kid has eczema or allergies of any kid, Researcher found that kids with a canine may be at low risk of getting eczema. If you are a cat owner, and your kid has cat allergies your kid is at higher risk to get eczema.

I think this is true. They did do some research with 336 kids. The thing I couldn’t believe is with the cat ownership. If you own a cat and your kid has cat allergies, the smart thing would to get rid of the cat because you are putting your kid at risk. This topic was pretty interesting because I know someone with eczema.  If you think this is interesting please comment and give your thought and concerns. Ask questions and we will debate about it.

The picture above is a perfect example of eczema. As you can see little kids are most likely to get it. I know someone with this disease and they have to actually eat different, because some foods trigger this disease. I really think this is a serious disease. By reading all of this websites I have found out that if you start early and get a dog that really connects to the child. Then they are at lower risk of having eczema.

Even though I like cats they are really bad to have around younger kids, because they are way more likely to develop eczema. The reason is because of the FLG genes that are transferred down from generations.

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When does Eczema usually happen?

What can happen because of eczema?

How could you treat eczema?



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  1. I have eczema but I don’t have it as bad as other people do. I think cats have effect on your skin. My skin gets really dry and irritated. The winter is the worst season cause my knuckles start to crack and bleed. I have special cream to help my skin which helps but I have to use it a lot. My skin does not get affected around my face which is a good thing. I wish sometimes it would go away cause it affects when I wright. I wish they could find a cure but I don’t think that will happen.

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