Sexuality in Fruit Flies!

The homosexuality in fruit flies can easily be changed.  Some drugs can turn the intimate actions of fruit flies on and off in so many hours. The fruit flies sexuality is based on how they smell each other.  Yael Grosjean found out that male fruit flies with alteration in their GB gene beckoned other male fruit flies.  Featherstone said.. “It was very dramatic, the GB mutant males treated other males exactly the same way normal male flies would treat a female.  They even attempted copulation.”  She also said, “Based on our previous work, we reasoned that GB mutants might show homosexual behavior because their glutamatergic synapses were altered in some way. Homosexual courtship might be sort of an ‘overreaction’ to sexual stimuli.”  They then did more test and found that without GB to abolish the strength the flies didn’t take the smells in the same way. Other scientists have found that by changing just one gene it can make a female act the courtship of the male.  One single gene controls the courtship in fruit flies.  “They courted other females , just as a normal male would, except that their sexual advances didn’t get very far.” –Barry Dickson of the Austrian Academy of Sciences.  The male fruit flies have a different form of the gene that produces a protein, called “fruitless,” it helps their abstruse behavior designed to impress their mate. It also helps a male breed with females. In the females, the gene makes a different form of the fruitless protein, that the males don’t have.

Will they be able to change this gene in humans? Do the fruit flies get changed back? What can they do to make it possible on humans?

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