Daily Archives: January 4, 2012

Treating Parkinson’s disease

Treating Parkinson’s disease is very difficult, but thanks to Dr. Kreitzer, a scientist at the Gladstone Institutes, it is easier to understand how this disease is caused so that scientist can find a way to cure this neurodegenerative disease. A researcher from Gladstone Institutes found out that the vital symptoms of Parkinson’s disease are the … Continue reading Treating Parkinson’s disease

Obesity is More Then Just a Weight Problem

Obesity Have you ever wondered what obesity is?  What can obesity do to you and how can it impact your life? Obesity is an excess of body fat of over 20%.  Obesity is becoming a worldwide problem, because people are gaining moreand more weight.  It is estimated that 1 and everyone 10 adults are obese.  … Continue reading Obesity is More Then Just a Weight Problem