Glow in the dark cats, cure for HIV?

Who doesn’t think a glow in the dark cat isn’t cute, and these cats could have the cure to HIV. Now this experiment is not very in depth yet, but this could turn into something big. Cats right now in the Mayo Clinics lab are being given proteins that are said to be able to fight of Feline Immunodeficiency Virus.

Scientists have come up with glow in the dark felines. Like humans cats have diseases, one of which is Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) similar to HIV in humans. This is not the cure to HIV but as this goes on, scientists are gaining intelligence on this disease. They have put rhesus macaque genes and jelly fish genes on cat eggs. Mayo researcher Dr. Eric Poeschla told LiveScience, “We want to see if we can protect the domestic cat against its AIDS virus, if we can protect any species, eventually including ours, against its own AIDS virus.”

These cats are going to get scientists far in the search for a cure for HIV. With the find of these cats, the search for a cure HIV might have a brightfuture.

 Do you think this could be the cure?

Why do you think the protein makes them glow?

What are your thoughts on the outcome of this experiment?

3 thoughts on “Glow in the dark cats, cure for HIV?

  1. I have been to the mayo clinic, and I never knew they did stuff like this. If you were able to cure AIDs from this, how could you possibly use it on humans? I think its really cool that they came up with this, and that over all glowing things can help you with this major disease. within a couple years I think this will be able to be used for the public. I would need to learn more about this it really grabs my attention.

    In the article below, it talks about how cats have the same type of AIDs disease that humans do. Scientists have developed a glow in the dark treatment that is working to cure this in cats. They are still researching to see if they could use this same procedure on humans.

  2. I thought it was very interesting how cats can actually glow. I had no idea that they could have the cure to HIV; that’s amazing. Every AIDs virus is different, but they have the same affects on that animal. Scientists are looking into the experiment to help humans in healing our version of AIDs. Either way it’s a great start on the cure for AIDS. I think the outcome will be that they will find a cure, but currently some of these incurable diseases keep the world population down; it may sound cruel, but we need some kind of disease or disaster to help overpopulation out a little bit; however, it would be great to have a cure, and maybe these cats are the answer. According to this article people in the future could buy pets that are resistant to numerous diseases. It could be even possible to get glow in the dark cats to be a possibility. The research that Meo is doing could speed up the research on humans.

  3. These cats are so cute, especially glow in the dark ones! I think this is a really cool research topic that you did.
    One of your questions is ‘What are your thoughts on the outcome of this experiment?’ I actually think this could work, maybe not right now because it is new. But within a few years, i think they will have discovered something that might help with a cure.
    I think you could have gone in more depth about rhesus macaque genes because i had no idea what that was. i looked up some more information about glow in the dark animals.

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