If Alzheimers can lead to Depresssion

Researches have searched that depression may lead to Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s is a disease to cause memory loss. Alzheimer’s is caused by protein plaques that are
built up by nerve cells around the brain. They think that Alzheimer’s and depression may be linked together. Two studies in July 6th said that depression is separated for Alzheimer’s but depression can build up dementia by 50 percent.

Treatments for Alzheimer’s have failed. They have not found a cure for the disease either. They think that stress may have something to deal with Alzheimer’s. Scientists think that depression may cause a neurodegenerative disease. There was a scientist named Alios he found something called presenile dementia doctors have continued
researching on it and discovered it runs through families. In the early 90’s a researcher at Duke Medical School discovered a link to Alzheimer’s disease. They took DNA from circulating lymphoblast’s they found a gene in chromosome 19 in Alzheimer’s.

There are 44 universities researching on Alzheimer’s. There have been four genes that are linked with Alzheimer’s. Each gene is common to lead to dementia. They have not found a drug to cure Alzheimer’s but, there are treatments for it. Alzheimer’s is causing complete memory loss and destroying large parts of the brain.

Being alone or not married or remarry can lead to dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Being widowed can double the risk of dementia. There are about 5.4 million Americans have Alzheimer’s disease already. The plaques in the brain seem to play a role in killing brain cells in Alzheimer’s.  People at National Institutes of Health have researched how life experiences and other things that may lead to Alzheimer’s and dementia. In the late 1800’s and early 1900’s they took data people are married and not married.  People who are widowhood have a higher chance of getting dementia later.

What can adults do to try to avoid getting Alzheimer’s disease?

Is Alzheimer’s disease genetic?

Is Alzheimer’s found more in men than women?  What age is most common?

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  1. I was drawn to your article, because my grandpa died of Alzheimer’s disease. You did an amazing job on your research and how you wrote your blog. The question I chose to answer is what can adults do to try to avoid getting Alzheimer’s disease? In the article I read there are several things you can do to try an avoid it, or delay it. The best way they said is to live in healthy habitats. To do that you should follow the six pillars of a healthy lifestyle for your brain. The six pillars are Regular exercise, Healthy diet, mental stimulation, Quality sleep, Stress management, and an active social life. Doing all of this could prevent or delay Alzheimer’s.

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