An Anti-Cancer Soldier

Clostridium Sporogenes is a soil dwelling bacteria. Once injected will find and target the tumor and kill the tumor cells. Professors at the University of Nottingham and the University of Maastricht have made a more powerful gene in C. sporogenes. The better enzyme can now be produced in greater numbers in the tumor now.

Professor Nigel Milton, the leading researcher, explains the process of the enzyme, “When clostridia spores are injected into a cancer patient, they only grow in oxygen-depleted environments, i.e. the center of solid tumors. We can exploit this specifically to kill tumor cells but leave healthy tissue unscathed,” He said. “It can kill all types of solid tumors. It can be used as a front line drug in the year 2013.”

The use of bacteria for anti-cancer therapy ever since the late 1800’s to the early 1900’s. They found that bacteria is limited to the cancer and is only useful against tumors. The use of Clostridia against cancer was first used in 1813 but only as attempts not as a solution.

This research could be usedultimately to kill tumors in patients around the world. This is fortunate for those cancer patients with tumors. The strain won’t be used until 2013.

Now with all this information I wonder whether or not this will help those who have a tumor before 2013? Another question is with this does all the chemo and radiation therapy need to be used anymore? My last question is who would be first to benefit from it?

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