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Global warming is a topic that is thrown around. Not many people  pay attention to global warming. One reason might be is people don’t know what causes this to happen. Global warming could have a huge effect on the world someday. People don’t seem to care enough to do anything to prevent global warming.

One cause of global warming is greenhouse gasses. Greenhouse gasses trap heat in the earth’s atmosphere. One kind of gas is methane. Methane is a very deadly gas to the environment. Another cause of global warming is man-made causes. One man-made cause is pollution. Pollution comes in many shapes and sizes. The burning of fossil fuels is one way to cause pollution.

According to one source these are the top ten reasons for global warming. The first reason is carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuel burning power plants. 40% of all CO2 emissions come from burning coal. The second reason is carbon dioxide emissions from burning gasoline for transportation. The third reason is methane emissions from animals. The creation of methane takes place in the intestines of most herbivorous animals. The forth reason is deforestation, we need wood for fuel. The last reason is the increase in usage of chemical fertilizers on croplands.

Here are five other reasons for global warming.  One reason is forest fires. Forest fires cause snow to melt faster, which brings spring faster. Global warming causes mountains to rebound faster. The rising temps that come with global warming causes huge amounts of ice to melt. Another reason for global warming is plants in artic conditions have more time to grow with snow melting earlier. One final reason for global warming is the more ice and snow that melts the less home polar bears have to claim.

There are many reasons for global warming. Many are more harmful than others. The surprising thing is most causes of global warming are the little things we do every day. We all have to work together to prevent global warming. Think of how many animals we can save by preventing global warming.

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  1. In school I have been learning more about global warming and many of the reasons you have in your article have been brought up. I agree that humans may be a huge reason in why these changes in our Earth are occurring, and that we should all do something about it. Pollution in todays generation is a big problem considering these new factories being built all the time and others just not caring. (although many people are recycling, which is great) Your article has a lot of good points, but as much as humans could be in fault for global warming, I think there also could be another explanation. I feel like pollution and humans play a big role, but what about Earth itself? Maybe our planet is going through a natural cycle causing the Earth temperatures to rise. This isn’t supposedly the first time the Earth has warmed up and maybe its just a natural cycle. Here is an article I found that might explain some more of it:

  2. Global warming certainly has been one of the hottest topic that has been discussed everywhere around the world nowadays. one of the causes of the global warming is by nature where as other is by human. Pollution is probably one of the biggest cause of the global warming as you know there are lots of factories all around the world and it produces tons and tons harmful air to the atmosphere and there it gets trap

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  3. Your blog is ok. However Would suggest you to change some things. Like the when you list thwe top ten resons of global warming, you should comine some fact some that the reader. The use of words could come in handy for you as well. Putting common words that we use today and putting tham into some of your facts may potentiallyimprove your blog; that’s my advice. < (0.0)>
    – Alexsfall11

  4. This caught my eye because global warming is a touching topic. It’s not entertaining but more frustrating. It’s especially frustrating to know that we are the cause and how many animals are dying and suffering because of it. Penguin numbers are dropping rapidly, polar bear numbers are also dropping, and Spruce bark beetles(that are suppose to be places they are) have chewed up 4 million acres of spruce trees. There are so many issues that lead to a very large problem, whether people believe in global warming or not, they better believe its a problem. We need to do something about it before things get worse.

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