Exercise Improves Kids Academics


       It has been said by scientists that exercise is a key ingredient in helping kids’ academic performance. In the past, these two topics were studied separately and never looked at in comparison with each other. These two topics go hand in hand with each other because the benefits that your body gets from exercising can noticeably improve your academic ability. The history of research with academics has most commonly related to the theory that the closer you pay attention, the more you study, the more sleep you get, you will do better in school and your I.Q. will improve. The history in research towards the topic of exercise has most commonly been related to the effect it has on your body and your health but these two topics have rarely been tested within comparison of each other.

          In the article Exercise Improves Kids Academics it talks about the international math and science test. This test showed that students in the United States students are average in academics compared to other countries, but kids in the United States are becoming more obese on average. With these two facts scientists created a test in 2007 to have students do aerobic exercises and then test. The test consisted of math, writing, science and other school topics. The test proved that the students who exercised and kept their body in shape and healthy did better on the test.

          In some schools in the Unites States and in other countries physical education has been greatly reduced and in some cases eliminated. People often do not know how much academics and exercise go together because of the effect they both have on each other. The article Active Education this topic is discussed in a positive way. This article talks about how bad obesity is truly becoming in the U.S. due to a major lack in physical activity.

          Over 25 million children in the United States are considered obese. That number is extremely high and could be reduced with no bad effects. A source I used discusses the No Child Left Behind policy. This policy states that every child should be treated equally and should have the best possible choices. Being healthy is the best choice for a child because it is good for their bodies and it will improve their school performance because their body is ready to go each and every day.

          Exercise is not just for adults. Kids should be exercising at least one hour a day. Being healthy keeps kids brains functioning at a good speed, it keeps there heart rate and blood pressure healthy and it has several more benefits. Overall, exercise goes hand in hand with academics because if you are healthy you are bound to do better in school and in all of your academic performances.

         Why don’t all schools enforce exercise more harshly if it improves kids grades? How does your body physical condition relate to your brain? Why did it take us so long to figure this out so more kids can improve their academics? Overall, your health is extremely important for many things especially academics and everyone needs to follow the proper routine to keep their body healthy.



5 thoughts on “Exercise Improves Kids Academics

  1. Think this was a very good topic to write about. Many kids in world now are not getting enough exercise there are many organizations starting to get more involved if kids exercise. Like play 60, is to get kids to go outside for 60mins or more, The ASEP is a national non-profit organization committed to the advancement of exercise physiologists. This web site bellow says that it does help kids get better grades if you exercise but many kids are different so in varies between kids. I think all schools should have more recess and more gym periods. If the facts say that more kids getter better grades with exercise then the schools should enforce it.

  2. This topic is very imporntant to talk about. In 2008 tests show that exercise isnt just good for staying in shape, it also improved test scores. Obesity is very common among teenagers in America. Exercise keeps us heathy and having a well functioning brain and heart. California Department of Education led to schools and found that the active kids scored twice as high on their test scores then the kids that were not as active. Obesity needs to stop, and excersise need to be more common in schools. The tests show, so why dont we make a difference and start excersising more often. website:http://www.livescience.com/5249-exercise-improves-kids-academics.html

  3. This is a very difficult topic, because every kid is different. I agree with you though being physically active during school will help with your with your academics. It is especially helpful for kids with AHAD, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. Kids with this disorder have a hard time paying attention but after a physical exercise. They can sit and focus on their goal at hand, be it an English or math test. Even kids with no disorder have better test scores after exercising, plus if kids are exercising more during school obesity rates might go down quite a bit. If you read this I appreciate you reading it, thank you have a nice day. Credits to http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/news/fullstory_130623.html

  4. I see the truth in your blog and exercise is very important but i think schools do enough by enforcing gym. We should be getting good exercise in gym if we try but some teachers let kids slack off. Some kids aren’t athletic and would not enjoy having to do more than gym, some don’t have the time, and some maybe just want to focus on their grades and schoolwork. Although, exercise can keep you mentally balanced, reduce stress, reduce fatigue, and improve alertness and concentration. It probably took so long to figure out because studies keep improving.


  5. I really enjoyed reading your blog. I found it very intriguing. The question I chose to answer was how does the body’s physical condition relate to your brain? Your body condition relates to your brain, because the brain learns by actions. Physical activates help with mental brain function also. It helps by keeping the brain interacting and growing.
    Also as you get older the less you use your muscles the brain forgets about it, because of the inactivity. Basically by the time you get to a certain age if you are not using the muscle you are going to lose it.

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