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As a child you probably heard your somebody say to you “Goodnight don’t let the bed bugs bite!”   You probably didn’t know it then, but there is such a thing called a bed bug.

If you do have bed bugs you probably don’t even know that they are there, an adult is a reddish brown, broad and flat, and about 4 to 5 mm long.  During the day they in bed lining and they will usually come out at night and feed on your blood.  They have piercing mouthparts to get through your skin.  It leaves itchy bites, some say some symptoms are ranging from sleepless to depression.  They lay their eggs in crevices and they hatch in a few days.  When they hatch they are called nymphs or miniature adults.  Before they can become adults it takes 10 weeks and five skin molts.
Scientists have been trying to figure out ways to find out when there are bed bugs and how to get rid of them.  There is a thing called desiccant dusts that will be sprinkled in infested areas and the bugs will start moving.  The thing about bed bugs is the adults can live for several years if undisturbed.

Remember bed bugs can be anywhere weather you are rich or poor they don’t care. 

Where do the bed bugs come from?

What are some things scientists are trying to get rid of bed bugs?

What are some side effects of bed bugs?

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  1. I have recently done research also and according to bed bugs mostly bite on exposed skin, this includes the arms and legs. Your risk for attracting bed bugs increase the more you spend time at overnight venues such as hotels, hospitals or homeless shelters. During the day if you were trying to look for bed bugs you would likely not find them. They often take cover in small dark places or crevices. If you notice you have bed bugs professional extermination is recommended, because many of the over the counter remedies can be toxic to yourself and others in your home.

  2. To answer your question about the side effects on bed bugs and that’s my question as well– people have an uneasiness with traveling, and suspicion of every new bedroom environment. In addition to the itching keeping them awake at night, sleepless nights of worry and paranoia can occur. Many times people correlate bed bug bites with being dirty, and experience embarrassment and shame as a result.

  3. Reading the post about bed bugs was very interesting. The question that came up when I was reading this was, what can I do if I were to get a bed bug infestation. I found that there are several steps to cleansing your house of these bugs. Of course before you start anything you have to inspect the infected areas and identify the pest. If the bug is a bed bug then you should clean everything in the areas you found to be infected. You then have to move things that are in the area so bugs cannot hide. You should then try drying the sheets in high temperatures to get rid of some of the pests. After that you should use pesticides only in the way the instructions say. Then you should watch closely for further infections.

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  4. This Blog about the bed Bug which i thought was really interesting and i really enjoyed reading it. I have been hearing about how the Bed bugs is really big concerns in the United state for past couple of years and the number of bed bugs are rising.its is really hard to get rid of the bed bug. as they like to live in very warm and dark places such as in your mattresses and in your cloths as well.
    the Question i am going to answer about your blog is ” what are the side effects of Bed bugs?”
    Most side effects are only limited for few days but it is very rare to have long term side effects . Side effects of biting of the bed bugs are itching raised red bite marks on your body, and it is the very first clue that you have shared your bed with bed bugs.Bed bugs side effects are usually limited to itching for a few days. Medication can take care of the physical side effects quite well, and it keeps you comfortable while you is very rare to have the long term or serious side effects. There is no evidence of disease transmission from human to human through bed bugs.

  5. When i was reading about your blog post, i learned that bed bugs acually do exists and can become a big problem. Bed bugs are flat and oval in shape. An adult bed bug is about the size of an apple seed. They crawl, but they do not fly or jump. Most of the bed bugs are actve when people or sleeping at night. The bed bugs travel 5 to 20 feet to feed at night. Most people do not feel the bites right away. The bugs mature to full size in 1 to 2 months. Female bugs lay 200-500 eggs in a lifetime.
    Finally, adults can survive as long as 1 year without feeding.

  6. Your blog post was very interesting, as I have heard things about bed bugs for a while. The question that I answered was “Where do bed bugs come from?”
    Bed bugs are indeed insects, who happen to have no wings and hard to see with the bare eye. After WWII, it was said that there were no cases of bed bugs in the United States – then claiming to not even exisiting here. It is said that the bed bugs now found in the States are to have come from Asia, Africa, or Europe via furniture, clothes, and baggages – from travelers going between the countries. This is like where a man might have stayed in Europe somewhere for a few days, unknowingly in an infested room, and carried his luggage back to the States covered in bed bugs in which he could not see.
    Another important thing to ask is how we can get rid of these pests. You need to buy pesticides and insectidicides, if you happen to have a case in your home. I hope that this might answer some of your inquiries and wonders, as well as it did mine.

  7. The question that I am answering from your blog is “What are some things scientists are trying to get rid of bed bugs?”. Scientists have come up with many different ways to try and prevent not only bed bugs but other insects from access to their bed. They have developed sheets that make it harder for insects to access their beds and are waterproof. They also have bed risers that you but on the stand of your bed that prevent insects from being able to climb up on to your bed in the first place. They have developed special vacuum preventatives as well as these other perks to stop bed bug infestation

  8. The question that I answered was “What are some side effects of bed bugs?” What I found was when you get bitten its causes bad irritation. Depending on the person, you can have mild side effects like itching, or severe side effects like reddish welts on the skin. The more sensitive your skin, the higher risk you will have for a skin infection. Scratching the bite will allow more germs to get into it, and will allow an infection. Not only are there physical side effects, but mental side effects too. Most people who get bitten by bed bugs have an issue of sleeping, stress, and a terrible case of depression.

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