Manual transmission Vs. Automatic fuel economy

Gas prices these days! Have you ever wondered if the kind of transmission in your car could help with your fuel economy? In some cases a manual transmission will give you better fuel mileage. If you are smooth with your shifts. The automatic transmissions have fewer gears than a manual car. But some newer cars have more gears than a manual version of the car to help with better gas mileage. A lot of cars don’t come with manual transmission anymore because people don’t want to buy manuals because many people think it is difficult to drive. If people knew that manual transmission was not only cheaper but gets better fuel economy. Semis are still manual transmission vehicles and they have diesel engines. You can find a manual transmission in small sized trucks, sedans, sports cars, full sized pickups, tractors, semis. So a manual transmission is not that hard to find. A manual transmission car has more foot pedals and takes a little bit of coordination but once you get the hang of driving one you will have better gas mileage in the older manual transmission cars. All in all a manual transmission car is a better car to have if you are looking for better fuel economy in older type vehicles if new cars are not in the budget for you.

What kind of car is better for fuel economy?

What type of transmission does a semi-truck have?

What type of transmission is usually in sports cars from the older generations?

8 thoughts on “Manual transmission Vs. Automatic fuel economy

  1. Once I read that there more fuel efficient and cheaper to buy I was very interested. Because I enjoy working on and selling cars and manuals have always been in the back of my mind. I never really wanted to get a manual I mean I can drive one I just didn’t think about it. But I’ve always liked them. But now knowing how well they do on fuel. I will definitely be considering one for my next car in the near future. Since they’re so much more fuel efficient and less expensive over regular automatics. I might even keep one as my own personal car.

  2. Once i read on how much you can save on gas, i was interested into knowing more. The amount you can save on gas is incredable. I never knew that a manual transmission car could get better gas mileage than an automatic. I drive a manual transmission truck on my grandpas farm, and i always wondered why i didnt have to fill up as much as most of his other trucks on the farm.

  3. i really like the blog topic. With the benft of buying and owning a manual transmission car is with the manual you get about 2 to 5mpg better than your regular automaitic. semi trucks are still manual so they can have more control over there vechicle.drving with a manual vechicle you need more handicoordnaton. but once you ge tthe hang of it and prefect shitfs is when your gas milage gets better.

  4. There are alot of pros with a manual trasmission car, such as; better fuel mileage, more control of the car, cheaper to fix and easier to work on. But the dilemma of people learning how to drive one, is the reason there are more automatic transmission cars on the road today. But now days with the technology that is put into cars, the fuel mileage is sky rocketing! No old car will compare, manual or automatic.

  5. Having two vehicles, one stick shift and one automatic, the stick shift would be the better buy if you want to be green. It takes less materials to make a stick shift rather than an automatic. Also, if you shift at low RPM’s you can achieve better gas mileage. While going onto internet explorer, i came across this website on my home page, showing that having a manual transmission car, could actually keep some theives away that don’t know how to drive a manual.


    This article shows the difference in miles per gallon between an automatic and a stick shift on the same model vehicle. The differences can be as little as 1 mile per gallon, or as high as 5 miles per gallon. It all comes down to personal preference, really. If you are a real stickler on gas mileage, and don’t really mind driving stick, then by all means go for the stick shift. But manual transmission isn’t exactly everybody’s cup of tea, and it seems like on a lot of cars, the difference in miles per gallon isn’t too drastic. That said, a stick shift could get you anywhere from upwards of 100 extra miles per tank, so when you think of it that way, it is a nice boost.

  7. Most of the time a manual transmission engine will get better gas mileage than an automatic engine. But to make noticable savings you are going to have to shift good every time. A semi-truck has a manual transmission. The semi-trucks have a manual transmission because it gives the driver of the truck more control over the vehicle. Older generation sports cars had a manual transmission.

  8. Once I read about the gas prices I was very interested. Gas prices do stink and everybody wants better choices. The think I wish you would have talked about a little more is the automatics and their comparisons. For instance, hybrids and Priuses get every good gas mileage so that isn’t exactly true when it comes to all manuals compared to automatics. Manuals are cheaper and I do agree with that. I do drive a manual in the summer time and they aren’t that hard to operate. They are kind of fun to drive more than anything I would say also.

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