Turn down the tunes; Save your hearing

When kids are listening to their iPods, most listen at a frequency their ears can’t handle.

Studies show that your hearing will deteriorate sooner than the earlier generations. Headphones that cover your entire ear are better than the little buds that you just stick right in. Those types of headphones are right in the path of your ear drum causing the high frequency decimal levels to go straight in your ear drum.

Professor Muchnik said that eighty percent of teens use their MP3s or iPods regularly, with twenty-one percent listening from one to four hours daily.

In Oregon schools their putting out awareness of this problem by a group called “Dangerous Decibels”.   In European countries their PLDs limit at 100 decibels where as some can go to 129 decibels.

Researchers at the University of Flordia said that 17 percent of children in middle and high school have had some degree of hearing loss. Teenage boys listen to their tunes louder than girls, but all teens listen to their music louder then young adults. There are tiny hairs in the cochlea which transform sound vibrations into the nerve vibrations which makes hearing a song on the loudest decibel even more dangerous. One way to tell if you’ve been exposed to excessive sound pressure levels is that if you here ringing in your ears.

If you enjoy music that’s fine but don’t overdo it. Be careful with how much you listen and how loud you listen to your music.

Do you listen to your music to loud?

What happens if you keep listening to it that loud?

What makes teenagers listen that loud?

14 thoughts on “Turn down the tunes; Save your hearing

  1. well I listen to music through ear phone from my iPod. but whenever I turn the volume up then it starts to hurt my ear and I usually don’t like to listen to music on high volume. study shows that One of the main side effects of listening to loud music is hearing loss. more on that people who listen to music at volumes exceeding 90 decibels, can suffer temporary loss of hearing.

    To find more on how listening to music on high volume effect your hearing click on the bottom link.


  2. This is something similar to what my mom says. She has always said. You listen to your music soooo loud. I never thought much of it. Until I found out it could be dangerous to your hearing. Many of the small parts of your ear can be damage. The worst is when you’re at a loud concert right up next to the speakers. In many cases your hearing is not just blown out of your head. It might just slowly begin to down grade. It is said that some head phones or ear buds could be better for your hearing.http://www.netdoctor.co.uk/healthy-living/wellbeing/keeping-your-ears-safe.htm

  3. First of all, shut up Bridget, marijuana, binge drinking, and having unprotected sex have nothing to do with how loud you listen to music. They are two completely unrelated topics. If a stoner or alcoholic wants to listen to music, then who cares? Everybody listens to their music loud so just because they smoke weed or drink, doesn’t mean its bad. Also, marijuana is legal in 18 states, alcohol is legal in all 50, so it can’t be that bad. But referring to the topic, I can understand how loud music can affect your ear drums.


  4. I personally have never paid very much attention to how loud I listen to my music. I know many people who listen to their music loudly and use there iPods all the time. Around nine percent listen crank their iPods volume to maximum. IPods and Mp3 players have the ability to shoot 104 decibels directly into the ears; any level above 90 decibels can cause long-term damage to hearing. This article has made me think about how important the volume of my music is.

  5. I never really questioned if listening to music loudly hurt my hearing, but i can honestly say this article got me thinking. Personally i love listening to music very loudly but in my opinion its better when i can only hear the music and not the things around me, psychologically it seperates me from the world. I think lots of teenagers need to read this article because when i look around lots of students always have earphones in, people dont usually think they need to give their ears a rest but they do. Another article i read tells you how it damages your ears and about giving your ears a rest.

  6. One of the main reasons Teens listen to music loudly is because we go to lots of parties, and you cant have a party without loud music. Another reason we like the music we listen to so we would rather have it louder then quiet. I myself listen to loud music because I enjoy music very much, so therefore I prefer it to be louder so I can hear it then it be quiet and barely hear it, or undestand what is being said. If you listen to music loud for years you can slowly start to lose your hearing to completely losing you hearing. http://kidshealth.org/kid/talk/qa/rock_music.html

  7. Studies have shown that listening to music can have positive effects on different parts of the brain such as memory and vision. It is said that music can be a good pick-me-up when feeling stressed. . It can be used by people as an outlet to expressing feelings they are unable to put into words. Music can also be an effective treatment for people who deal with mental health conditions and patients with illnesses such as heart disease, cancer, and respiratory conditions by helping lower heart rate, blood pressure, and help relieve pain and anxiety. Though music has negative effects such as damaging your hearing, it also has plenty of positive effects on different parts on the body as well.

    For further information on this point of view please refer to this website: http://www.netdoctor.co.uk/healthy-living/wellbeing/health-benefits-of-music.htm

  8. I listen to my headphones almost every day, and when I do, I do tend to turn them up until I can’t hear the person sitting next to me talking. That’s just how I am. I use music as a means to escape from the outside world. This article really caught my attention. I didn’t know that listening to your headphones with music turned up really loud can do this much damage to our hearing. Hearing loss from listening to music? That’s insane! I did do a little research on my own. I think it would add more info about just how music affects your ears.

  9. The more often and the louder you play your player, the more likely you’ll experience some hearing loss. Listening at full volume is not recommended for more than 5 minutes per day using the earphones that come with the player. The researchers recommend listening to iPods for hours a day with earphones if the volume is at 80% of maximum levels. Noise-induced hearing loss can be caused by two types of noise: sudden bursts, such as firearms or fireworks; or continuous exposure to loud noise, such as motorized recreational vehicles, loud sporting events, power tools, farming equipment, or amplified music.

  10. I personally listen to my music louder than doctors recommend you to.
    If you keep listening to your music too loud you can get temporary hearing loss if you’ve been exposed to loud noises for any duration. After awhile, this will go away unless you continue to listen to your music too loud for long periods of time every day. This is called permanent hearing loss. With this, you wont hear as well as you use to. You may hear ringing or have a ‘full’ feeling in your ears. If you have this, it is called tinnnitus. You can also find yourself saying ‘what’ a lot if you continue to listen to your music too loudly. That is why it is recommended to wear some kind of protection for your ears if you around loud noises such as mowing the lawn or going to a concert.
    The reason teenagers listen that loud is because they get into the music and like the beat and such.

  11. Sometimes I do listen to my music too loud. I have heard that it can ruin your hearing in the future. So far I have not seen any symptoms of hearing loss due to loud music. Some of the symptoms I found were tinnitus ringing in the ears. Also, it can be hard for you to hear and understand a speech in loud environments. I think that teenagers listen to their music that loud because then they can bolt out the lyrics and let off steam and frustration if they needed to. At least that’s what I do. I also listen to my music loud because that way I can’t hear what is going on around me. The headphones that fit right into your ear can damage your hearing in as little as an hour and a half. The headphones that fit right over your ears are better for your ears and are less damaging.

  12. Young adults or teens that do marijuana, binge drink, or have unprotected sex are found more likely to listen to louder music. Poor decision making skills are also connected to listening to louder music, which makes somewhat sense because you are deteriorating your hearing, the louder the music is. Although it is very stereo typical to say any of this; I do fit the other side of this category. I don’t listen to loud music or go to concerts and I do none of the risky behaviors I have listed above. And to save our hearing I suggest to teenagers to turn down the tunes.


  13. Dutch researchers have recently found that teenagers who listen to loud music engage in risky sex(sex without a condom), binge drinking, and take hard and soft drugs. They have also found that young adults who are exposed to loud music are six times more likely to binge drink and twice as likely to have unprotected sex. I do listen to my music loud, but i do not drink, have sex, or take drugs. I have grown up in a house that does not use drugs, binge drink, or have sex.

    To give you information on my point of view check out this website: http://www.medicaldaily.com/articles/9963/20120521/loud-music-young-people-behavior.htm

  14. Young adults or teenagers that do marijuana, binge drink, and or have unprotected sex are more likely to listen to louder music. Unsafe habits usually go together. Which is what links people who listen to louder music more than likely do other risky behaviors and not good decision making skills. Although it’s very sterotypical it is somewhat accurate. I don’t in fact listen to my music loud or very long and I do not go to concerts, so I fit the sterotype of not listening to loud musicing and not doing any of the risky behaviors listed above.


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