Does Double Dipping Really Spread Germs?

Double dipping is when a person dips takes a bite and dips again. For example if a boy dips his chip into salsa takes a bite of the chip and dips the same chip back into the salsa he is double dipping. Does this really spread germs or is double dipping a myth?

Double dipping is not a myth. There can be a transfer of bacteria if dips are shared, but the likelyhood of someone getting sick is low. This depends on a couple factors. First, how much bacteria is in the dip already. Second, the type of bacteria’s spread in the dip. Finally, how well the bacteria can survive in the dip.

The bacteria’s in the mouth can be harmful. There are two types of infections that can be transferred by saliva; Bacterial and Viral.  Bacterial infections can be treated by antibiotics. An example of a bacterial infection that can be spread by double dipping is Meningococcal meningitis. Viral Infections usually don’t need medications because the immune system is able to fight them off. Common infections spread are influenza, and mumps. The Infections may not only be spread by double dipping but also by the bacteria already in the dip.

Double dipping is not the only cause of bacteria in dips. Homemade dips may be contaminated already. As a person makes the dips Bacteria from their hands or mouth can be spread.  Double dipping may only add a small amount of bacteria but the bacteria may not be able to survive in certain dips.

The amount of bacteria in dip after someone has double dipped often depends on the type of dip. First, in thick dips the bacteria is more likely to stay on the chips then to be transferred into the dip. For example a chocolate dip. Next, Bacteria cannot survive as easily in hot dips such as Nacho cheese. Finally, bacteria may also have a hard time surviving in acidic dips like Salsa.  Double dipping can spread bacteria but often not enough to make anyone sick.

Have diseases been proven to be caused by double dipping?

 Can you explain how the spread of germs can be avoided?

Can you compare the many studies that have been done?

2 thoughts on “Does Double Dipping Really Spread Germs?

  1. This blog post is something I think people don’t really think about much anymore. Generally, people either don’t double dip at all or double dip all the time, without considering it much. This post brings up a good point that it spreads germs, but that doesn’t necessarily cause diseases. It can cause viral infections or bacterial infections. It is also important to bring up the fact that double-dipping in hot dips really isn’t a crime, as many people are criticized for it. Also, the dip isn’t just being exposed to the germs from your cracker but it could been exposed to the person who made it’s germs. It has also been shown in the show Mythbusters that double dipping is not a reliable way to transfer germs. It transferred 5 out of 10 bacteria cells in each dip, which is not enough to infect anyone.

  2. Double dipping is something i dont like personally so this blog caught my intersest. It is shown that some bacteria is transfered but it is a low risk of you getting sick. Not many germs are transfered. Most just say it is bad etiquette to double dip and that is why we shouldnt do it.

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