Charles Darwin and Evolution

When it comes to the topic of evolution, most people think of Charles Darwin. In 1831, Darwin went on a five year expedition to survey the Galapagos Islands. While on this expedition, Darwin noticed that each island he surveyed had its own type of finch that was similar but different in important ways. When Darwin returned to England in 1836 he proposed the idea of evolution via natural selection. This idea was that plants or animals best fit for an environment would prevail, and then they would pass on the traits that helped them to survive to the next generations.

Like said before, most people think of Charles Darwin when it comes to evolution, mostly for that reason, but when it comes down to it, he wasn’t the first man to propose the idea. Evolution actually has roots in ancient societies. Romans, Greeks, the Chinese and even medieval Islamic covered topics that tied to the known ideals of evolution. A large factor of the evolution creation is actually the ideas of naturalists. As they opposed the ideas of traits not changing at all, and searching for an explanation of all the different kind of species, they worked to find an ideal solution. Jean-Baptiste Lamarck was actually the first person to propose an example of evolution, his theory of species transmutation.

Though he wasn’t the first, Darwin was a major part in exploiting and enhancing evolution. To propose his ideas in a safe manner, where he would not be deeply criticized, yet he could still make the public aware, Darwin created The Descent. This novel almost bluntly stated his theories of evolution. Darwin still was afraid of his society being scared by the ideas that he was proposing  hence his writings. In the book, Darwin was also able to state his strong views on topics that so many wondered about. Doing this was how he established a sort of appeal to authority.

Though it wasn’t necessarily created by Darwin, it wouldn’t be where it is today without him. Because of him, we have discovered human connection to evolution and destroyed the ideas of untouchable traits. We have found natural selection and seen how important it is in today’s life. No man before him could have successfully pushed the movement, so hats off to Darwin. He was lucky his society took in the ideals.

Who else has contributed to Evolution? How?

How much has modern science change evolution?

What other ideals are part of evolution? 

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