Steriods and the Body a good Pair?

There are many types of Steroids, some for health recoveries, and some for personal use. I am going to tell you about both types and how each one affects their body. In my eye I believe steroids that are used for personal gain or to look bigger are wrong and should not be used, or allowed in today’s society. This is a bias blog.

Steroids that the doctor gives you are for your good and will benefit your inflammation, eczema, Cancer,    and other diseases. These are appropriate but can cause serious side effects like steroids also cause calcium to leak out of bones so that they weaken and fracture at any time. Steroids also make people feel very hungry and cause blood sugar to rise, and may cause diabetes. If the steroids are abused things like that may happen to you.

this is exzcema

Now there is much controversy over the idea of athletes being able to use steroids. I think it is wrong because if you use steroids anyone can get strong, there for it is no competition to get in or play, because everyone is strong. It takes away the natural ability of the players. Now if a player breaks records or is doing exponentially well, everyone thinks you are doing steroids. If you use steroids it takes the fun of the game away. But one thing many players don’t understand Is that steroids will affect your badly in the end.

Now Physical Steroids affect men and women differently, and same with everyone else. Now these steroids amplify what occurs with the body normally. Most of the reasons people use these are to look and get bigger. They cause acne, bloating, and shrinking of the genital organs. Though the many side affects people still take them no matter the risk.

This Picture shows the acne of a man while taking steriods


All in all Steroids are dangerous for the body, but in some cases helpful. Drugs are drugs .I think if a doctor prescribes steroids for you they are ok but not if you use them for yourself. If you ever are considering using for personal gain please rethink and look at the affects.

1) Do you think steriods should be used in professional sports? Why?

2) Do you think steriods should be illegal? Why?

3) Do you think it is okay to use steriods for physical purposes? Why?

5 thoughts on “Steriods and the Body a good Pair?

  1. Your topic about steroids effect on the body was very interesting and shows how harmful it is to use performance-enhancing-drugs. I learned the harmful conditions like eczema, and other cancer cells form from the use of steroids. I also like how you included the conflict among athletes and cheating in their careers. It showed me that steroids are very bad to use and very unhealthy and produces terrible skin spots that can lead to cancerous spots. Overall I like you saying on the use of steroids and the thoughts of people using and enhancing these terrible drugs. Here is some more information leading to steroids.

  2. I learned that Steroids that the doctor gives you are for your good and will benefit your inflammation, eczema, Cancer, and other diseases. I think steroids shouldn’t be used in sports because it makes there body be able to do more things than what an average body should be able to, which is basically cheating. I think steroids should be illegal because if they were illegal not as many people in sports would try to use them. I think you could use them if you are low on body weight after you had a major sickness. I think that would help you boost your recovery time.Here is the website I used-

  3. This blog does a great job of explaining what steroids actually do, most of this is actually very new information to me. Do I think they should be used in sports? I do not think they should be used in professional sports because it’s 100% cheating. You shouldn’t be able to do less work then somebody else and have better results, it’s just not fair. I don’t think they should be illegal because some people actually need them as far as medicine goes, I do however think that it should be illegal for professional sports players to use them, not just against the rules. Using steroids for private physical purposes is a different story, I definitely wouldn’t, but that is up to the person using them. If they want to suffer the many side effects mentioned in your blog from taking steroids I don’t believe anybody should have the right to stop them.

  4. Personally, I agree with you in the fact that steroids should not be used unless prescribed by a doctor. I think that using steroids if you are in a sport is not only cheating the game but also cheating yourself. By using steroids you are not being fair to yourself because obviously in some sports the bigger you are the better you will be. Personally I wouldn’t be as satisfied by winning as I would be if I lifted weights every day after school and worked hard to achieve the goal of winning. I do not think putting something into your body that can shrink organs and cause skin problems can be very good for you now or in the future. I do believe that steroids that are prescribed, such as a corticosteroid would be beneficial. I think this because in my father’s case of Sarcoidosis, such steroids could’ve saved his life. I found on the website below that steroids can be very beneficial in many different diseases.

  5. Do I think steriods should be used in professional sports? Why? No. If you take steriods in a professional sport its like cheating. If you dont train naturally, whats the point in training at all? It’s not even worth the time or effort. If someone were to train, you would think they would train because they actually want to be stronger and more healthy, not to just look more “toned”. In this video, it touches on how steroids are bad for you, and do not always go as planned.

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