The Life of Mary Jane

What would you do if marijuana was legal? Marijuana is also known as Mary Jane, cannabis, pot, and weed. It has caused so much controversy between people. It has its negatives, and positives. Some think it’s terrible, others think it’s perfectly fine to do. Everyone is going to have their opinion about it.

Marijuana has become a huge topic in today’s world. The negatives of smoking are fairly evident. For example, people who smoke marijuana have short term memory loss. Marijuana’s ingredient 9THC) impairs memory when adolescents consume marijuana it may increase the risk to develop schizophrenia, which is a psychotic disorder. Cannabis users who carry an AKT1 gene have a higher chance to develop schizophrenia. But, marijuana is not 100% harmful.

All of a sudden the use of marijuana increased, and it got more attention than it ever has. It is illegal in 48 states.  In some states it has become legal such as Colorado and Washington.  Why? Because it has its benefits. Cannabis has been proved to relieve pain.  It relieves symptoms such as muscle spasms, chemotherapy symptoms, and neuropathic pain. In Germany, marijuana was approved to treat multiple sclerosis. Marijuana has also been shown to correct behavioral issues that are related to fragile X syndrome. It is also known as autism.

Whether you think marijuana is a good thing or bad, we all have our opinion. Personally, I don’t have a problem with people smoking it. I don’t seem to understand how tobacco and alcohol is legal, but marijuana isn’t. Tobacco does more harm and causes more deaths than cannabis does. Actually, marijuana has never caused a death. I believe it should be legal, but also have restrictions. I think if people used cannabis responsibly it wouldn’t be such a problem in today’s world.

So marijuana isn’t completely horrible for people to do. It does have its negatives such as memory loss and risks the development of diseases. It also has its positives, such as reliving pain, and corrects behavioral issues. “Herb is the healing of a nation, alcohol is the destruction” –Bob Marley

Do you think it should be legal? Illegal? Explain.

Do you think the positives outweigh the negatives?

Do you think marijuana affects people’s judgment?

7 thoughts on “The Life of Mary Jane

  1. I agree with your blog completely, marijuana has never been known to hurt anyone and alcohol and tobacco cause thousands of deaths a year in the United States alone. I also agree that marijuana has its downfalls; it can cause serious long term mental issues like memory loss and schizophrenia. It also has it upsides it can help cancer patients with pains and other downfalls of being sick. It can also help with depression and other mental illnesses. I also believe marijuana should be legal but it should have age restrictions too like you have to be twenty-one or older. Here is some more information about the effects of marijuana.

  2. By reading your blog i completely agree with you. Your blog was done very well and i thought it was good. You have your opinion and so does everyone else. I myself agree with your opinion. i dont think marijuana should be illegal over alcohol or tobacco. The thing i liked about your blog was you didnt try to persuade anyone to have the same opinion as you. Marijuana is next to harmless compared to the statistics of tobacco and alcohol. According to the Annual Causes of Death in the United States, Marijuana (cannabis) has claimed 0 lives. Still to this day there is not a cause of death related to marijuana.

  3. I think that marijuana should be legal in all states. If they have medical marijuana for people with pain or diseases to be treated with, why can normal people with depression not take marijuana as a simulant. If it relieves pain and there are more positives than negatives, why is it illegal? Here is a website all about the benefits of marijuana-

  4. This blog does a good job of explaining the goods and the bads of marijuana. I believe it should be legal simply because the reason it was made illegal in the first place had nothing to do with science. You would think it would have gone through a process including government hearings scientific experiments and evidence, but it didn’t. Marijuana was made illegal for a few different reasons including, racism, fear, protection of corporate profits, yellow journalism, and corrupt legislators in the early 1930s. Looking back on why it was made illegal it seems almost appalling that we outlawed it due to Hispanics and African americans using it. Recent evidence from SCIENCE has proved that it is not only less harmful than initially stated, but extremely less harmful than tobacco and alcohol. This is why I believe it should be legal.

  5. When reading your blog I agreed with your opinion. It doesn’t make sense how tobacco and alcohol are legal and marijuana isn’t, just as you said. For the first question you asked, if marijuana should be legal or not, I think it would be okay if it was. Marijuana does less harm then tobacco and or alcohol and it also can help medically. The second question you asked is if the positives outweigh the negatives, and i think they are about equal. Lastly you asked if marijuana affects people’s judgement and yes i think it does at the time of smoking it. I also reserched further the short term effects of marijuanna and it says problems with memeory and learning, distorted perception including sights, sounds, time, and touch. Trouble with thinking and some problem solving, a loss of coordination and increased heart rate, also slight anxiety.

  6. I believe that marijuana should be utilized more in today’s medical field. Marijuana is said to have positive effect on patients with many different medical issues such as treating migraines, slowly down the growth of tumors, chronic diseases, Alzheimer’s, glaucoma, and epilepsy. You never hear alcohol that’s legal curing any medical issues. I believe that marijuana should be accepted and utilized more into today’s world in order to utilize the good effects of this substance. For further depth in how marijuana treats and affects the medical issues I listed above view the link that I’ve posted at the bottom.

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