Concussions in Hockey

                                The concussions in hockey. When you and the team are on the ice, don’t you ever think about getting a concussion? No matter how big the athlete/player impacts the game, everyone should be treated carefully in the same way. There are many different cases in hockey that result in a concussion. These usually happen in regular season games. I have had some experience with hockey. When I would skate and play, I was always scared I would get a concussion. The risks of getting one can be serious but now I take precaution.  Here are some facts!

There is background information from back in the 1890’s. Maybe even farther. The research was explored on the initial post-concussion signs, any symptoms, the findings and time loss of physical examinations, experience, and clinical manifestations. Over the cases the most common symptom was just a headache. Some of the NHL player’s headaches were severe. The significant predators of the professional hockey players are low energy or fatigue, post-concussion headache, amnesia, and an abnormal neurologic examination.

The concussion has been defined as a pathophysiologic process that affects the brain and is induced by traumatic forces. A physician would record the date when a player was medically cleared to return to play the sport which provides a marker of a severity concussion. There are many outcomes of getting a concussion. You can get a concussion just by hitting your head in any way possible. Even if it is the slightest touch. Concussions can range from low to high. There are many outcomes to this situation.

The main outcome variable is obviously a concussion. The secondary outcome variable is the time loss; as the period of the competitive playing time that is lost by a case which is a concussion.       The interest of age, position, and initial post-concussion symptoms, signs, and other examination findings is the independent variable. Which on the physician’s evaluation forms,  symptoms were included but only the ones that are consistent from season to season.  The rate of concussions was calculated in game related games or situations, there are concussions per 100 players per season.

In the end of everything there could be possible explanations include: an injury of a player that has not been observed or even recognized. The players could have not reported their symptoms to their medical staff. Players need to be aware of their surroundings and who they are against on the ice. All in all just be careful on and off the ice!

What would you do if you had a concussion?

How would you react if you had a serious concussion?

Should the rules of hockey change?

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  1. I have experienced 2 concussions in my life and they are the worst things. Getting whipped around in football sucks but i have the love of the sport on my side to help me go through another season. i had a lot of symptoms like sensitivity to light so i couldn’t go on my phone or watch TV and i also puked my brains out.concussions are an unintended consequence of collision sports. Estimates vary regarding the likelihood of an athlete participating in a contact sport experiencing a concussion, but this may be as high as 10% per year in some sports. Furthermore, the effects of concussion are now known to be cumulative, even when the concussions are believed to be minor.

  2. I have experienced a concussion before and it isn’t fun. My concussion probably wasn’t as serious as those that hockey players suffer from. Studies show that hockey players brains’ microstructure changes after a concussion. Scans of hockey players’ brains that sustained a concussion show inflammatory changes unlike scans of hockey players who haven’t sustained a concussion. Doctors have found white matter in the brains of those players with concussions. This could lead to chronic injuries later on in life. I think that players should be cautious when playing because you don’t want to suffer a bad concussion that can affect you a lot.

    I got my information from this article:

  3. I found your blog to be very informational sharing different facts of concussions. I play hockey and when i was younger and first started checking always asked myself “what if i get a concussion”? But then i learned that if you play smart and play by the rules you really have nothing to worry about. Also i did my blog on concussions so i had additional research that could be helpful. When playing with a concussion if you happen to hit you head again you could suffer from what is known as Second Impact Syndrome. S.I.S. is very dangerous and can be extremely severe and deadly.

  4. Concussions can be very severe and then they can be little that will go away in like a day or two. A concussion is a very traumatic brain injury that alters the brain. The effects are usually temporary but they can cause headaches, loss of memory, lack of concentration, etc… Concussions are very common if you are playing in a contact sport, such as in this case is hockey. When you have a concussion you need time to rest so your brain injury can heel properly. Most of the concussions people get are just mild and not too bad. If you would like to know more and how concussions work, please look at this link I have copied down below.

  5. The one major thing I learned in this blog was that The concussion has been defined as a pathophysiologic process that affects the brain and is induced by traumatic forces. Now I will know if I get a concussion if experience any of the symptoms such as headache, dizzinis, or naussea. Personally I dont think rules should change in hockey just because people are getting concussions. My reason for that is that people choose to play hockey, if you do not want to risk getting a head injury; do not play the sport. Here is the website I used-

  6. Concussions are often times not seen for as dangerous as they actually can be. Memory loss is also a factor that could come with having a concussion. I personally had a concussion a few years ago and I could not remember the day or how it happened. I also blacked out for a period of time after I took the hit. Hitting your brain can be very serious in any way. This website shows the statistics of how many children and adults go to the doctor due to concussions-

  7. Concussions can ber very seriouse depending on how a person reacts to the pain. At times, you can pull a player to the side and have a sports trainer look at the injury. However, at other times you may need to seek medical attention. Concussions can be very seriosue in any sports. This injury can possibly take you out of a sport for up to a few weeks. If you would like to find out more about this topic there is a website below.

  8. Concussions are a type of brain injury that cause a short loss of your normal brain function in response to the injury to your head. In order for your doctor to evaluate the severity of you injury they will perform different physical exams. The doctor may perform a brain wave test, head CT scan, or perform and MRI of the brain. These painful injuries could last from a couple of days or even months. To look into the different aspects of this injury try going to the link I have posted on the bottom.

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