Dreams and what they mean/are

A dream is a thought in our mind seen in our unconscious a projected as a memory.  Most people think dreaming is just a natural thing that happens but others want to know why and what the dream is all about. The dream happens during sleep and can mean many different things. Dreams are more of your own interpretation but some people have had good theories of what some dream really mean.

Nobody knows exactly why we dream. Some people have come up with solid reasons. One is that when we sleep earlier events from our day or week or even entire life are connected in a way which we dream. Your probably asking yourself why I had a dream I fell from the empire state building well that dream is probably a metaphor of something that has happened to you. See you’re a lot smarter than you think. Others think that dreams are nothing and mean nothing but you can interpret what you want.

Now that you know what a dream might be let’s interpret what your dream might mean. Like I said earlier dreams are memories tied in to you during a dream. Well some dream might be your deepest desire. That’s why you might have a dream about harry potter or the avengers because one of your deepest desires is to be in that world or to be that person. Same goes for nightmares if you had a dream of the chucky doll trying to kill you it probably means that you never want anything like that to happen to you .

There are also tons of common dream myths like if I die I’ll die in real life or not everyone dreams. Well it’s a fact everyone dreams but only about 1 or 2 dreams are remembered a night. When you lay in bed for an extra 15 minutes you will probably forget all of your previous dreams you had that night. Now the rumor of lucid dream is where if you try hard enough you can control your dream. I personally don’t believe it but people say if you try to lucid dream and die you will not wake up. From real life experiences I can tell you that you will not die and the people who lucid dream can tell you, you will not die.

So there you go dreams are basically memories made awesome or in some cases not awesome and that In most cases you will always wake up from a dream. So next time you wake up try to remember your dream and think back to yesterday and try to connect those events with a dream you find something pretty cool out.

What is your craziest dream and can you interpret it?

When was that last time you remember dreaming?

Have you ever died In a dream what happened to you?

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  1. Dreaming has always been an interesting topic for me and I always wondered how they work. In dreams that I’m about to die in, I always have woken up before anything happens. There are many theories out there about dreaming. One of them is you might dream about something because of a wish fulfillment. You might want something to happen or wish about something so you dream about it. Another theory for dreaming is an accidental side-effect of random neural impulses might cause dreams. The brain might be trying to understand these random signals and that would lead to dreams. There are a lot of theories that lead to why we might dream.

    I got all my information from this article: http://io9.com/10-theories-that-explain-why-we-dream-897195110

  2. I thought this blog was very interesting to read. It is really going to make me think more about dreams that I have. I think it would be a good experience to have a lucid dream one time. The craziest dream I’ve ever had is when I was getting chased by someone with a mask and they had a knife. I cant remember the last time I have had a dream and I have never died in a dream I always wake up before it happens. Here is a what it means when you die in a dream. http://www.dream.net.au/library/death_dreams.cfm .This article talks about what death in dreams means. Dreaming about death is normal so don’t panic when you have a dream about dying.

  3. I really loved the content in this blog it was very interesting and fun to read. I had no idea that some of the things you dream are linked to other events or memories in your life. I really like the whole thing about the lucid dream it’s very fascinating. I really can’t remember any dreams only bits and pieces of them. I don’t think I have ever died in a dream but I am really curious on what it would be like.I like the idea of researching dreams so here Is another website http://www.dreamviews.com/content/what-lucid-dreaming-16/ . This website talks about lucid dreams and more dream meanings. Hopefully this website will give you more information.

  4. I can’t remember most of my dreams, only bits and pieces but one time I dreamt about oompa loompa’s chasing me and I’ve been scared of them ever since. This morning I woke up and fell asleep again, I remember that short dream vaguely. I’ve never died in a dream, I always wake up right before I hit the ground (if i’m dreaming of falling). I enjoyed reading this blog because dreams have always confused me and it’s an interesting topic. I also like the hyperlink you left for the lucid dreaming website. I’ve heard many theories on lucid dreaming and here’s another website to find more information http://www.lucidity.com/SleepAndCognition.html

  5. I really liked this blog it was very interesting and fun to read. I had no idea that some of the things you dream are linked to other events or memories in your life. I really like the whole thing about the lucid dream it’s very fascinating. I really can’t remember any dreams only bits and pieces of them. I don’t think I have ever died in a dream but I am really curious on what it would be like.I like the idea of researching dreams so here Is another website http://www.dreamviews.com/content/what-lucid-dreaming-16/

  6. Eric I thought your blog was really interesting especially the part about how some dreams can be interpreted. I know you don’t have the answer to this but one thing I was wondering was a common dream I used to have after I watched Cops. This dream was usually about me ending in a graveyard or me lying next to a skeleton. I actually found very interesting interpretations about them such as skeleton means that something has not fully developed such as planning stages or a project. Then a graveyard stands for that I fear the unknown. I found this on http://www.dreammoods.com/dreamdictionary/g3.htm

  7. This blog was very interesting and I enjoyed reading it. Dreams are something people dont really think about why we have them. That is why I enjoyed reading your blog so much. It is also kind of strange how you can remember only parts of dreams and not the whole thing, That is something that has always made me think, our why cant we remember dreams is another. Here is a site I found about dreams.


  8. I thought this blog was very interesting. I didnt know this much about dreams. Alot of the key points you made in your blog i have heard of but like you some i dont believe. The fact of killing yourself by dreaming it doesn’t seem likely to happen. Some people are 100% set on the fact that you can but i just don’t see it. I have had the dream where it feels like im falling many times. Iv also had dreams where i die but then the dream ends and i wake up. I did some research on what it is when you feel like your falling. It is very interesting and helped me learn more about dreaming.

  9. I can honestly say I found this blog interesting, it kept my attention the whole way through and the topic itself actually interested me. Crazy dreams are kind of a weird thing to discuss because of the way we interpret them. Like for example if I have some mindblowing dream and try and tell somebody else about it, it will probably just sound stupid because it was only mindblowing to me, because I interpreted it like that. The last time I remember dreaming was probably around a week ago, it’s hard to say though because I don’t remember what it was about and if you don’t remember what it was about it’s kind of hard to place a finger on exactly what day it was. I never remember actually dying in a dream, I imagine you just wake up though, maybe I have and I just don’t remember it actually happening, but it’s impossible to say for sure.

  10. Your blog was very interesting! I guess I never put that much thought into the dreams I actually remember. I do believe that your dream about your deepest desires from personal experiences. Not just me but my other family members have dreams often about being with my dad. I also believe that many dreams are from memory but I think that many are just random thoughts. I think it’s interesting to think about what people show up in your dreams the most. Which is why, in my opinion, I mostly dream about family. They are who I am around the most so I would have the most memories with. I personally think that it’s crazy to believe just because you die in a dream that you will die in real life, despite how realistic many dreams truly are. I don’t think you can control what happens in your dreams, even if you are having a, “lucid dream.” On this website I found more facts on lucid dreams and it sounds pretty interesting.

  11. I thought this blog was extremely interesting! It’s so weird how no one knows how dreams are caused or why we have them. I always wonder why I dream such strange things. I think it’s intersting how you said that no one could ever have the same dream as another person. I think that whole “lucid dreaming” thing it kind of weird. Some of my friends say how they want to try it, but in my opinion, I don’t think it really works. But here is am article I looked up that has methods and tips on how to accomplish lucid dreaming.


  12. I think it’s weird how each dream has a meaning behind it. I guess I have never really looked into my dreams and what they may symbolize but in a way that all makes sense. From the article that I read about dreams I found it interesting that no other person can have your dreams. They are unique to you. I think this is an interesting topic and overall great article great job.

  13. This blog was honestly so interesting! I usually cannot remember having dreams. Sometimes I do remember my dreams and they are probably the weirdest dreams ever. I never have truly understood my dreams. I find it very interesting how you can still see things even when your body is sleeping. I also think that if lucid dreams are real it could be a very exciting experience! Here is a website all about how to have lucid dreams-http://www.dreammoods.com/dreaminformation/dreamtypes/luciddreams.htm

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