Being Green is the New Thing

I doubt many teenagers care about recycling, but I think more of us should be aware of it, because it is going to affect our future and definitely generations ahead of us. Recycling had been around for a while now. It really isn’t a modern thing to practice. Many people prior to the industrial age started recycling due to the fact that good couldn’t be made as quickly as they can in today’s world.

During the age of industrial, large-scale recycling was a must, because of the mass production. The problem is that when products are made and sold very cheap, it makes people think that it is okay to throw away the items and buy new ones. It might be the easier way, but in the long run it will affect them. During the 1930’s and 40’s, recycling became a bigger deal in America and other parts in the world. While war was going on, nylon, rubber, and metals were rations to help support the war. Recycling eventually died out up until the 1960’s when Earth Day happened. After that day happened, recycling became popular again.

Recycling clearly is an extremely positive movement that more households should be doing. By recycling is reduced the amount of land that is used for landfills to throw away our garbage. Recycling also prevents pollution caused by reducing the need to collect raw materials. It also saves energy. Recycling helps conserve natural resources. Examples of that would be water, timber, and minerals. So as you can see, recycling is a very simple task to do, that helps so much; not only now but also in the future.

Recycling is a simple thing to do, but it does have guidelines to go by.  Most things can be recycled, but usually paper, glass, and steel are the most common. Household garbage is made of twenty percent of it being paper. Recycling paper saves in terms of energy and water that is used. Glass is pricey, so recycling it helps save money and energy. There are two methods to recycling glass. One way is when companies collect bottles from customers, disinfect them before reusing. The other method is when recyclers collect the bottles according to their color, smash them up and convert them into another type of bottle. Only jars, and regular glass bottles can be recycled, not window glass or light bulb glasses. The third largest prduct to be recycled is steel, which is fairly easy to recycle. Giant machines shred the cars and the waste from that construction leaves behind. The scrap steel is melted then refined into large sheets or coils. Many manufactures used these to make the bodies of cars or for more construction materials.

So as you can see, recycling helps the environment greatly. It isn’t that difficult to do. If more people don’t start recycling, we will face bigger problems in the future. So take the extra 20 seconds to remind yourself to throw your glass bottle of Coke into the recycling bin, rather than the garbage. Throw all your old homework assignments in the blue bin rather than piling them up in the garbage can. It really isn’t that difficult!


What percent of the population actually recycles?


How much of an effect do you think recycling will have in our future?


How would you feel if recycling became mandatory?



5 thoughts on “Being Green is the New Thing

  1. I loved talking about this topic. More people need to give back to our Earth that we live on. One great way to give back to the Earth is to recycle and not litter. This topic about being green can help change our world for the future. I think that it is necessary for everyone to recycle to make less problems for the place we all live on. After a little bit of research, I wasn’t able to find the whole world percent who recycles but here is a site for statistics about the U.S

  2. I really liked this article because the topic has such a big part of changing the world and making it a better place. One thing that I learned was that recycling saves energy. I looked at an article to answer some of your questions. In the article, is ways that 75% of the stuff that we use can be recycled, but only 30% of it is really being recycled. I would like for recycling to be mandatory. If most of the world recycles, then we wouldn’t have to worry about bad things to happen in the future.

  3. I think this blog touched on a very important topic, recycling is a solution to a problem that no one really seems to care about, although we are all able to recycle many of us do not care or think they do not have the time. Recycling is a way to save the Earth yet very few people do so. I believe we all should recycle at least one box a week, and with that we could reduce land fill space and help the world be a less polluted better place to live. Here is some more information on recycling and how it can save Earth.

  4. I learned that many people these days are going green and trying to save the world. It is very easy to recycle and all you have to do is take a couple minutes out of your day to do so. I relize that people are not doing their part in recycling and i think it is a good idea that all of these people are going green. I also think it would be a good idea to make recycling manditory just because nobody does it and i think it would be really good for the world. Recycling will have a big effect in the futire because we have to take care of the place that we live in.

  5. I enjoyed learning about the new topic in society today and people who are ‘Going Green’. I learned how simple and easy it is to recycle. It is crazy how many products are being wasted and being mass produced. I now understand that the people that don’t recycle just think that the products are sold cheap but the costs are extremely high in mass production. Overall I really enjoyed learning about the causes and effects ‘Going Green’ and recycling puts on our society. For more information about recycling here is a website you can refer to.

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