Strength training for young adults


Strength training is defined as principle of progressive overload to force the body to adapt to producing or resetting heavier weight. Now when is the right age to start lifting weights, when will I start to see progress, could overdoing my muscles hurt me? All these questions are common among parents.

Lifting weigths

When you are mostly done maturing, is the correct time to start the process or lifting weights. Most kids hit puppetry between the ages of 10 and 14; many suggest that you do not start lifting until the age of 14. Why, because it may affect your growth in many different ways.  It could stunt your growth, it could make you bigger but for some you wouldn’t change at all, it is different for every kid.

Now I think it is positive for kids to lift after the appropriate age simply because for sports you need to be strong and staying strong keeps you’re healthy. Even if you are not in sports it is still a good thing to lift 1) it makes you feel more confident about yourself 2) you will benefit from lifting more than you would if you did not lift.

too young to lift?

Now once you start lifting there is a point where you should stop, that point is when you can’t even lift your hands above your head and you can’t touch your toes. All that muscle will go away and you will be left with stretched skin and it does not look good, trust me. You might say you will keep that muscle up but I doubt that at the age of 60 you will still be reaping out 400 lbs. Now say one was just to stay fit, they could because the muscles may be smaller but are strong, these muscles are easier to keep up.

All in all you should not start lifting until the age of 14 at least, just for precursory means. Lift when your body is ready, do not overdo it, it can be very dangerous for your health. But always stay active eat right and you will have a nice body and live longer, go to some of these sights and read for yourself.


1) How old did you start lifting did it help you any?

2) Do you think it is okay to start lifing while your young?

3) When is it too much?

3 thoughts on “Strength training for young adults

  1. I found this article on young people and strength training vary interesting, here is the website : The article says that young people can start weight training at age 7 through 8 but should only use their own body as resistance until he or she develops proper technique and their strength further develops. From there on they will develop at there own pace. When a young athlete graduates to free weights they should do from 12 to 15 repetitions and should always be under adult supervision. But as the young athlete ages the should decrease the amount of repetitions and increase the weights. This is a transfer to power tanning , rather than the endurance training that was being done before. What lifts you do and how often you lift are based on what sports or activities the young athlete was in.

  2. I agree that lifting weights is a great way to maintain fitness and a great self-esteem boost. It also does many other things for a person; they can get stronger, relieve stress, and even meet some new people over at the gym. We live in a world where obesity rates are at an all-time high, and it’s easier to get a nice fat juicy McDonalds burger than a salad! So it’s great that we have people who hit the workout room regularly to get fit. But there is a fine line that can be crossed when it comes to lifting and that’s called overtraining.
    Overtraining when it comes to weight lifting is a very serious matter. Experts say you should lift 2-3 times per week, yet some body builders and athlete are obsessed with being the best and they train every day. That results in fatigue and possibly serious injuries from straining of the muscles. Another result of over training is the same amount you usually lift is dropping, which would also fall under fatigue.
    So yes, working out and lifting weights is great for a body! You will benefit in the long run and it’s sad to see people who don’t do it; whether it be laziness or just lack of determination. But, if you exceed your bodies max it can result in great consequences. So, if you plan on working out or you are one who works out every day, find your bodies limitations. In doing so you will have full energy to get fit and stay fit.

    Here is a link to an article based on overtraining:

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