weeds effect on you

There are two types of people in this world the ones who think that week is a very bad and dangerous drug and the ones who think it is less harmful then cigarettes. The fact is that weed can be only a little more harmful then a common drug sold over the counter. That reason is that weed contains about the same amount of cancer causing chemicals then a cigarette it also causes short term memory loss a big reason not to use weed is it CAN have lasting effects on the brain.

Smoking weed can cause short term memory loss that’s no surprise to anybody but do you know why? There is a chemical in weed called Tetrahydrocannabinol. That chemical disrupts the receptors in our brain called CB1 and CB2 those are the receptors in our brain that see and remember past events. Though short term memory loss isn’t good by any standards it’s not really bad.

Weed can also affect you the same way cigarettes do by causing cancer. The same 6,000 chemicals in a cigarette are in a common joint. Brenzo(a)pryne is a prominent chemical in weed which causes cancer. The chemical effects the lungs are why 1 in 5 average weed smokers complain about pain the lungs or having a “cold” they say “cold” because of the excess mucus in their body because of the weed being smoked.

The main reason people dislike what weed can become is because it affects the brain dramatically. Weed users are proven to have harder times learning and problem solving than any other students. Most kids think that weed relaxes them and that they will learn better if they smoke one before the day of the test but in reality they are doing the opposite.  There is the argument that weed is used medically but that’s very controversial and in most cases the negative effects are much more than the positive effects.

All those reason are why weed can be a harmful drug. It can be cancer causing, cause short term memory loss and effect the brain.so next time you here about a party with weed or you are about to smoke a “joint” think to yourself how it will affect you now and in the long term.

Do  you have a theroy on weed?

If you have ever smoked weed would you say some of this is true?

Will you smoke weed now that you have read this?

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