Music and the Mind

Have you ever had one of those days where really nothing makes you feel better than music? Music is really affective for the brain. It helps you study, get pumped up and could change your mood just like that.

If you are having a hard time studying you could put some music on, preferably Mozart. Mozart is scientifically proven that it can induce your short term memory loss and enhance performance on doing other mental tasks. The music will relax your mind and will help you concentrate better. It also helps with distractions and could help you. Music can also drain out distractions while you’re studying if you are around a lot of people or if you just want to be left alone.

When people are in sports and you have a big game or just practice, music can easily get you pumped up and will always there to make it even more exciting. It is said that speeding up tempo in the music is resulted to make your performance better and during work outs it will make you push more. Nike also dedicated a whole website to songs that pump you up with a bunch of songs that are favorites of professional athletes.

Finally, music has a huge effect on your mood. When you’re feeling down, you tend to turn to happy music or music that relates to you. If you are having a stressful day, music can also sooth you and make you feel a lot better. People also use music to escape from what their dealing with in life and helps people not be as stressed.

In conclusion, if you’re going to go workout, study or just want to get away from people if you turn music on everything will be better.


  1. When is listening to music bad?
  2. Does the volume affect how you work?
  3. What other things help your mind focus?
  4. Is there some music that doesn’t help the brain focus at all?

2 thoughts on “Music and the Mind

  1. Listening to music can be bad whenever it is promoting something bad, like a robbery or harmful actions. Yes the volume can make a big difference, the louder it is the more it will get you excited. Some other things that can help your mind focus, could be tapping your foot or little habits like that. There is a lot of music that is completely inappropriate and is used for a different purpose than focusing. There can also be music that just makes you lose focus and seem like you go into another world.

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