Exercising and Eating Healthy

                Exercise plays a huge role in staying fit and having a healthy body. You should exercise if you are overweight to lose the weight. Also if you always eat healthy you should never have a problem losing weight. The three most important things about exercising and eating healthy are eat right, exercise often, and know your limits. If you follow these things you will be off to getting a great body in no time.

You have to eat right to stay healthy if you do this you won’t take in as many calories so you won’t gain any weight.  Also you have to eat right. You should stick to the food plate to see how much of everything you should eat. The best things for you are lean low calorie foods. You shouldn’t make drinking pop and eating junk food a regular thing. You should eat both of these things as a snack. But a snack like this shouldn’t be an everyday thing, sometimes eating yogurt or granola is a better snack.

To exercise often takes a lot of time out of your day and it is hard for a lot of people to take time for it, but this is essential to maintain a good body and to eat healthy. When you go to exercise at the gym, you can’t just stand around and watch people, if you are going to go you might as well work as hard as you can to get the maximum results. Lastly, it is a good idea to go run on the treadmill so that you can burn many calories and you can go home feeling good about what you had done or the day. Lastly you should always drink a recovery drink so that all of your muscles can repair for the next time you work out.

Now it’s time to know your limits, you should do as many high intensity reps as you possible can but you need to keep good form. Once your form goes off its time to stop because then you start doing harm to your body and you start to get hurt. Also, you should not work the same part of your body every day, it is bad for you. The only way you can do this is if you work every part of your body every day.  Next, you should always cool down after a workout; you should always take a walk for a little bit to get your body back down to the resting stage.

If exercising is something you are interested in and getting the body you deserve, you should eat right, workout often, and know your limits. If you use these steps you should have no problem losing weight and be on you r way to a healthy body in no time.

  • Do you think you should exercise more?
  • How often should you exercise?
  • How many hours a week should you exersize?

One thought on “Exercising and Eating Healthy

  1. I think you did an incredible job on this post! I thought it was interesting that you addressed the fact that people DO go to the gym but sometimes all they do is stand around and wonder why they are not getting any results. You mentioned that exercise takes a lot of time but be careful not to scare people away from the thought of exercising. People with busy schedules are the people that need the exercise the most just to relieve stress because when you exercise your brain releases endorphins. I think it would be good to incorporate some of the tips from the link below for busy people to make time for exercising. Great job on your blog!

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