Severe Back Pain

Scoliosis is a condition where there is an abnormal lateral curve of the spine. This condition can cause a lot of pain to one. Scoliosis may get to the point where you have to wear a brace for your back. Scoliosis can happen in either lower or upper back. I have personal experiences with scoliosis and it doesn’t feel good. There are many different things that could cause this.

Scoliosis can be defined as three different terms depending on how your spine is curved. The first is levoscoliosis. This is where the spine curves to the side as a single curve to the left. It curves like the letter C. the second one is dextroscoliosis. This is where the spine curves to the side as a single curve to the right. You could look at this one as a backwards C. The last one doesn’t have a specific name but it is shaped like an S, and that means that there are two curves in the spine. There is a form of scoliosis called Idiopathic Scoliosis. This type of scoliosis is the most common type of scoliosis. It occurs in approximately 2% of the population. This type means that there is an unknown cause of the condition. having Idiopathic scoliosis cause very little pain. It doesn’t need treatment, but once scoliosis is detected it needs to be watched very closely by a professional. Even though this type of scoliosis doesn’t cause much pain, other types do. There are symptoms to knowing if you might have scoliosis.

There are several common physical symptoms that may indicate scoliosis without having an x-ray. Some of this is an uneven of the body parts, such as shoulders, hips, legs, or waist. The body will tilt to one side because it is uneven. back pain is not usually considered a symptom of scoliosis. Girls are at higher risk of getting scoliosis because when they are going through puberty they are growing the fastest and can cause the curve much easier. Also they are eight times more likely to need treatment for it.

Scoliosis can cause pain to a person, but if the spine is at a curve between one degree and 30 degrees, the patient shouldn’t feel anymore pain then a normal person with a straight spine.  The pain you feel is called spinal fatigue pain and its because the spine is not aligned correctly and the muscles that support the back are constantly straining to keep the person upright. It doesn’t necessarily cause a lot of pain, except certain spots will have more pain than others depending on what kind of scoliosis you have. Also depending on how bad your scoliosis is, you may have to have surgery or wear a brace.

There are different options to curing a curve in the back, one way is surgery. There are a few choices that you can choose from surgery. Surgery is only recommended if the scoliosis is severe. The main type of surgery involves attaching rods to the spine and doing a spinal fusion. This is used to stabilize and reduce the size of the curve. Also to stop the curve from getting worse. It permanently joins the vertebrae into a solid mass of bone. The other way includes instrumentation without fusion. this attaches devices such as metal rods to the spine to stabilize a spinal curve. There are a couple types of braces. The first and most common one is a Thoraco-Lumbo-Sacral-Orthosis(TLSO) brace. It is called a “Boston brace”. Its an underarm brace that is fitted to a child’s body. This brace can be worn under clothing and is typically not noticeable. It is suppose to be worn 23 hours a day and can be taken off during swimming, a sport, and gym class. Its worn for the thoraco lumbo part of the spine which is the middle lower part of your spine. The second type of brace is the Cervico-Thoraco-Lumbo-Sacral-Orthosis brace or the Milwaukee brace. This brace is similar to the TLSO but it includes a neck ring held in place by vertical bars attached to the body of the brace. It is usually worn 23 hours a day and can be taken of to swim, play sport, or participate in gym class. Usually prescribed for curves in the thoracic spine, or upper spine. Me myself has an experience with scoliosis.

it was a few years ago I went in to get my physical for basketball and softball. The lady was giving me small tasks to do and one of them was to bend over to look at my spine. I did as I was told. She made me do it more then once, and from the second she told me to bend over again my mom knew I had it. The doctor had told me that I had slight scoliosis. I was 14 so I didn’t think much of it. Now that I am 16 I have been having back problems. I cant stand, sit, or walk for very long periods of times. I haven’t done much about it but now that I can feel it getting worse, I will be going to a chiropractor to get it checked out to see how bad it is, and to see if I need a brace. I don’t want to get to the point where I need surgery because that will ruin my sports career.

scoliosis is a condition of a curve in the spine that can be fixed. not everyone gets it. also it is rare to have really bad scoliosis. getting it checked out once you know you have it is much recommended. I have lived with scoliosis for a couple of years and you have a lot of back pain. I suggest you try to take care of it right away.

What are ways to prevent scoliosis?

What are things you can do if you don’t get surgery?

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  1. Scoliosis can’t be prevented and surgery is there to help it from getting worse. A way to help Scoliosis is to use a back brace like you mentioned because it can keep your spinal cord from growing larger. You would only have to wear a brace until your spine stops growing. If you stop wearing the brace your spine will go back to how it was. Some people think that physical therapy will help but it has not been proven. A way you can help with back pain is to massage your back. Some other treatments are presented that say they can reverse scoliosis without a brace but there is no scientific evidence to prove this.

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