Breast Cancer Studies

There has been some new research done that shows some of the underground details about breast cancer.  Researchers wanted to get more details about how breast cancer begins, and how it spreads. Doing this research helps doctors know and understand the way breast cancer works so they can treat it more effectively. They found out that the cells from breast cancer don’t stay in one place, they tend to move around. Meaning the cancer can spread to other parts of your body causing it to worsen. Therefore, it’s important to watch the cancer cells very closely. There have been different studies done to show the progression of breast cancer. There are three main ways that the cancer spreads.

First the tumor can advance into the tissue around it which is direct progression. This spreading of breast cancer to other areas is called Metastasis. If the cancer has only reached the areas around the tumor, getting rid of it may be easier than if it had spread to other parts of your body.

Second the tumor can reach your lymph nodes. This is the first area outside of the breast that the cancer typically spreads to and these cancer cells can leave the breast in the early stages of the illness. Once in the lymphatic system it can spread from lymph node to lymph node. It is unknown, however, exactly how the cancer gets into the lymphatic system. But as the cancer gets into the lymph nodes, it can start to spread to additional parts of the body.

And last the tumor can enter your blood system that can spread anywhere in your body. It can spread into your lungs, your liver, your bones, and even your brain. It’s common that once the cancer cells get into your blood stream it will spread into your lungs and liver because blood passes through both of those organs. When the cancer gets into your bone marrow it makes the chance of surviving decrease. NOG, which is a gene vital in the growth of bones, lets the cancer cells into the bones and therefore creates a tumor. This strongly influences the surroundings of the bone. It can also lower the number of red and white blood cells in your body. Once in your blood, it is very hard to stop the progression to the rest of the body.

In conclusion, breast cancer can be a very complicated thing to be dealing with. It’s important to have a mammogram every one or two years to make sure you don’t have any cancer that you are not aware of. Breast cancer needs to be treated right away to prevent more problems. Although scientists don’t know everything about breast cancer they are working to uncover new things that will help prevent the spreading of breast cancer to other parts of your body.


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2 thoughts on “Breast Cancer Studies

  1. This was a very interesting post. It taught me a lot of new things. For one I didn’t know that a tumor could reach my lymph nodes if it was a breast cancer tumor. I also didn’t know that it could spread beyond the breast. I researched how this cancer is produced and found that it usually starts in the milk ducts or lobules. I also learned it is the most common form of cancer among women. I found out that it is more common in developed areas over the areas that are developing. This cancer is also more common in older women.

  2. Your post is very informative so I did some research on my own on how to prevent a treat breast cancer. I found that more than a third of victims affected by breast cancer didn’t have to be. There are many ways that you can help lower your risk of getting breast cancer. Mainly its making sure you stay healthy. Eating right is one way you can help prevent cancer. Eating more whole grains and fruits and lowering your intake of fast food can greatly help you lower your chances. Going in hand with eating right maintaining an average body weight can help lower your chances also. All in all even though there is a chance of getting breast cancer there are other ways to lower the change of it ever happening.

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