Sloths are one of the cutest animals I have seen so why would they be endangered?  In fact though out of the six species of sloths the only species that is endangered would be the maned three-toed sloth.  There is many reasons why somebody would want to hurt these adorable creatures, but before I talk about that what exactly is a sloth?

The sloths are best known for their unusual appearance and slow movement.   In fact they are so slow mosses grow on their fur.  They spend almost their whole life upside down the only time they ever come down is when they have to climb down there tree to use the bathroom.  So you’re lucky if you even catch a glimpse of these adorable mammals.  So why would you hurt them?

Humans aren’t trying to intentionally hurt these mammals.  In fact the main reason for sloths being endangered is from loss of habitat. Their habitiat is starting to deteriate in large numbers from our destruction.  This is creating the three-toed sloth to become endangered.   Finally, we are catching on to what is happening and efforts are being made to help these animals.

All in all sloths are very interesting creatures.  There are many species and they live upside down!  Knowing that we have to take our part to make sure we change are ways so we can keep these creatures around for a long time.


What are other endangered animals?

How can we help them?

What other reasons cause them to be endangered?

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