Deformed Alien Cows

Animal deformations are a big problem and are beginning to become more serious as the years go by. Pigs in local farms are beginning to grow extra limbs, spinal, and other body deformations. Ib Peterson, a local butcher noticed that the pigs he uses to feed and the ones he has in his freezer are whole piglets which are really abnormal. These pigs had more bone pigments and were a weird shape. Farmers around the world are beginning to question, what is causing our pigs to do this.

Farmers in Europe began to wonder if it was in the feed. Their feed had special ingredients in it such as GM, a genetically modified type of grain. GM is also used in different ways such as killing weeds and helping crops grow faster and last longer. Farmers and doctors such as Pedersen believed that the largest pork supplier in Europe called Danish crow has such a large amount of deformities because of this drug. They begin to work on this theory by doing tests.

They first began by taking the ingredient out of all the feed. In less than a year there piglets began to go back to normal. Piglets were no longer Siamese and their spines began to fix themselves. Their tails began to curl like they were supposed to and there death rates were lowered, until the Chernobyl incident of 1986.cows

Animals that lived near the disaster were evacuated along with their owners, but the wild ones were left and they soon began to suffer from radiation. The forests they lived in began to die, and the leaves began to fall off trees, killing them. Animals had no homes and they were unaware their bodies were changing. Newborns had reduced brain size and impaired cognitive abilities because of the damages done to their development of their nervous system.  They also began to have deformed toes, tails, or even feathers. Their lungs were shaped wrong and air wasn’t working properly.

            In my research I have discovered that humans are causing the most ways for deformities in animals. Either it is from the food we feed them, or the damage we do to their environment. It’s all the same, and our actions can cause animals to have extra limbs, deformed beaks, feathers, or skin. But scientists began to ask,will we eventually kill off a species because of our actions and how we feed livestock.  What else caused deformations, and can it be prevented?


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  1. This blog has a lot of information about animal deformations. This blog tells us about the things that we do to animals that affects them negatively. I find that it is really sad that this is what happens because of what we are simply feeding them. There are other diseases that can cause some deformations that will change the way that animals are born.

  2. I found this article very interesting and helpful. It says a lot about what kind of chemicals we are using. We should try to use chemicals that don’t harm the environment or the animals. This is also a big problem in amphibians like frogs, because it can get in the water and on land. Some of the frogs have 5 legs instead of four, or they could be missing a whole leg! I did some research on the deformations on frogs, this is what I found:

  3. I learned quite a bit from this blog. I never knew animal deformities existed. I don’t understand why they would use such a dangerous chemical in their feed. In the article I found, I learned that this chemical is not only dangerous to the animals, but humans as well. We are eating the animals that eat this feed and it can really effect our health. I also found out that in the study that one of the scientist conducted, the female pigs fed the feed with GM had a heavier uterus than the female pigs that were not fed that feed.

    This is the link where I found my facts:

  4. I found this post very interesting. It’s terrible that pigs are growing deformities because of human action. Scientists need to find out how to control this before its becomes to great of a problem to handle.Here is a great article that talks more about it. This article talks about how a Danish pig farmer noticed stunted and other deformities in the pigs.

  5. This blog was very fascinating to me. I learned more about the animal deformities and how can be caused by humans through genetically modified grain. I found that wolves that were near Chernobyl hadn’t been changed by the radiation but it’s most likely because of the large range they had. Other organisms had a lowered fertility rate along with a shortened lifespan, which would result in a lower population. Here where I found the info:

  6. Those chemicals that you mentioned, GMs, are more commonly used as pesticides. That’s why so many farm animals were getting mutated like this. The scary part is that these chemicals could be in our foods as well. Thankfully, this has been reduced over the years, but it’s pretty ironic that what we use to preserve food to give to livestock can come back to haunt us in the end.

  7. I thought you had a very interesting blog. I learned a lot about the causes of animal deformations from your blog. I did some more research on animal deformations and I found out that frog’s skin is more absorbent than other animals, which makes them more vulnerable to chemical contaminants. The chemical contamination causes deformities in frogs. This is lowering the population of amphibians everywhere.

  8. I found this very interesting! This kind of related to the recent oil spill in the gulf of Mexico. All the oil that was spilt caused many fish and turtles to die, and some to develop abnormalities. Also, a large number of dead dolphins washed ashore, and that may be caused to the oil spill. The fish seem to have parasites, missing fins, and abnormal pigmentation. Perhaps food isn’t the only thing to cause animal deformations!
    Here is the article:

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