Psychedelics and Evolution

Psychedelics controversial nature have repressed the theory that they may have been a large factor in the evolution of the human species. There are many unexplained instances that point to psychedelics as the cause of change in the human genome. This is known as The Stoned Ape Theory. Terence Mckenna was one of the most influential people to shed light on this subject and led many people to question the governments prohibition on psychedelics. This theory was created by McKenna.

As humans evolved and explored the forest floor and eventually the grassland, they began to adapt into bipedalism and the omnivorous diet. Evolving humans used hunting and gathering to sustain life in the harsh conditions of primitive life. When amassing food for a tribe, many still evolving humanoids gathered much of the vegetation at eye level, as a result Psilocyben Mushrooms were adapted into the diet of our ancestors.

At low quantities the mushrooms increase the eyes acuity; A medium dose will cause general CNS arousal, ultimately increasing the population. A large dose of psilocybin dissipates boundaries between individuals. As the population began to travel and feed off of herds of animals, more mushrooms were found growing on  fertilized land behind the herd. Eventually the level of ingestion became large enough to the point that egos were dissolved in the tribes. Members of the tribes didn’t hold egos and in this egoless state;  community, loyalty, altruism, and self-sacrifice, values that created the basis of humanness were all constructed due to the Entheogenic Fungus.

Around this time the discovery of agriculture was also due in part to psychedilics. As tribes stumbled across their areas of hunting and gathering they found plants. Roots, mushrooms, nuts, and fruits all discovered and planted. The garbage piles once there became food. People were also starting to understand sexual reproduction due to this concept.

The final most prevalent example is that of the improvement of vision within the time period in which Psycedelic mushrooms were commonly found and consumed. Like mentioned previously, at low doses psylocibin increases visual acuity. Hunting became much more successful and is believed to have evolve the species vision to include peripheral senses. The success of hunting resulted in greater success of having children and in turn increased the size of the next generation.

The theory of Psychedelics contributing to human evolution has been a subject that’s been pushed aside, not only psilocybin but many different hallucigenic species may have changed the pathway of genetics for the human race.


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