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Deer population varies from year to year. Deer population can be very high one year and then the next year it is very low. For there to be a lot of deer they need to have just right living conditions, they need plenty of food and water. They also need shelter from the weather. This is more important in some place than other, such as places that get really cold. Over population however causes diseases and that is a big killer in the deer population.

There are many ways to have deer populations grow, according to field and stream there are ten simple ways to bring in more deer to your area, to read up on these tips go to this website. Having proper bedding areas for deer will also attract them, and keep them in the area.

Many herds of deer get taken out from disease, one disease that kills deer is blue tongue, many of mule deer get blue tongue. This can take out a herd of deer very quick. a disease can go from white tail deer to mule deer, deer tags also take a huge drop when these dieses happen.

Deer need water and food to grow and stay healthy. if deer do not have enough food and water the will not grow up to be mature and safe. The food that deer it greatly decided on how healthy they will be. Some food make deer grow and mature faster. Deer will herd up where this is a lot of food and water and a place nearby to bed.

Overall deer need food water and shelter to stay healthy. They will go to places that have these things. In the winter they will stay together in a small area, doing this it is very hard on the land that they are on because they eat all the food. It could also spread dieses if one were to get one. Deer are smart animals and the will try live in the area they feel is the best for them.

  1. How does the amount food a deer has affect its health?
  2. Does the amount of deer in an area affect how their health will be?
  3. Does the kind of deer in an area affect how their health will be?


5 thoughts on “Deer Population

  1. This article explains what causes deer population to either rise or grow. If the deer do not have a safe environment or enough food or clean water, this will effect the population of how many deer there are. Mostly white tailed deer are dying or not repopulating the same but it does happen to other deers too. I looked up the question if there are a good amount of deer in a place will it effect the reproduction and the answer is no because there are other factors, the article below expands on what I previously said.

  2. Deer population varies year to year. Some seasons the number is higher and sometimes it is lower. The number of white- tail deer population has changed due to the change in ecosystem. This is partly due to humans. We affect their homes because we build houses and businesses on the land they live on. Another reason that there population go down is because they eat a lot of plants. This causes the plant population to go down. If there are no plants, then there are no deer. Therefore, there are many factors that affect the deer population, whether in a good way or a bad.

  3. I learned from this article that deer need really specific situations to live. They need a good amount of food and water to live. They also need shelter to protect them from the weather when it’s bad. The more food the deer have, the more healthy that the deer will be. It’s better for deer to not me in large groups just in case one gets a disease. This way if one deer gets a disease, it won’t kill the whole pack. The kind of deer in an area does determine what kind of health they will have. Some areas aren’t as good for a deer as others. I found an article that explains more about deer habits, and food.

  4. This article is really neat because it explains what can affect deer populations from year to year. Food is a big factor to deer because if they don’t have it then they will starve and wont be able to maturer and grow up healthy. But large groups of deer can damage habitat because a big group of deer can eat all of the food in the area then they will have nothing left. They can also damage the land that they walk on because lots of them can tear up the land.

  5. This article explains how deer population varies from year to year depending on the food deer eat and how large of groups the travel in. The main factor that does affect dear health is the food they eat because it has the deer grow up mature and safe. I learned from this article the a disease spreads from one deer to another very quickly. I found an article that explains a little bit more about how deer travel together in large groups.

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