Does food affect the way you feel?

Have you ever thought that maybe the food you eat controls your emotions? It turns out that the types of food you eat can release different hormones or neurotransmitters that will change affect you mood. Sugars will often negatively impact your mood. Whereas proteins will do just the opposite. All types of foods will affect you in different ways, whether that is positive or negative.

FruitSugar. Sugar is something that we don’t seem to be able to live without. You may think that sugar is a good thing for your emotional health. Well, sorry to burst you bubble, but it’s not. Refined white sugar actually lacks the essential minerals and B-vitamins for your metabolism. Thus causing emotional outbreaks and a high blood sugar. Although, if you want to eat fresh fruits that are naturally high in sugars, you can go right ahead. Natural sugars from fresh, unprocessed foods are perfect for your body and late night studying. So next time you’re cramming for a test, grab an apple instead of that energy drink.

Carbohydrates such as bread, cereal, and pasta are actually very beneficial to your body. Breads, pastas, and cereals temporarily increase serotonin. Serotonin helps control appetite. It causes you to feel full and prevents overeating. Serotonin is also essential in regulating moods. Low carb diets aren’t always a healthy way to go, as your body will feel the impact of lower serotonin levels. Carbs also cause you mind to be more alert and allows you to focus for longer periods of time.

You may want to avoid gluten as well. Gluten is a protein found in grains like wheat, rye and barley. It can negatively impact your mood and overall brain health. There have been a couple studies that have shown a detrimental effect on mood, causing a possibility of depression and some serious health problems like schizophrenia. Gluten isn’t all that healthy, but it isn’t guaranteed that you will develop such extreme issues.

When you think back, do you remember eating sugary foods before a day of mood swings and anger? Or maybe you were able to stay awake longer while studying because you ate some watermelon as a snack? Well, that’s all because of science. Due to the fact that food releases neurotransmitters in your mind, you can control you mood by just eating the right foods. What will you choose to eat today?

What are the effects of organic foods on your body compared to processed foods?
Are there any foods that slow your brain down and make you fatigued?

Are there foods that don’t have any effect on your mood?


15 thoughts on “Does food affect the way you feel?

  1. This blog was very interesting. I also notice when I eat healthy foods that I do not get tired as fast as when I eat unhealthy food. I never really thought about how the food makes you feel, but now that I read this blog I understand that the food really could effect how you feel. I did some additional research and found this websie there are certain types of food that make you feel better.

  2. I sure feel alot better after eating fruits rather than eating handfuls of chips! Its proven that eating healthier foods make you feel better about yourself than junk foods do. I find it very interesting that pastas and other grains have serotonin in them. Serotonin is a chemical in your brain that keeps you from feeling depressed. Studies show that unhealthy diets are linked to depression. Theres also a link between sugar and food addictions. When people are feeling stressed, they are more likely to crave sugar. Stress eating is a very unhealthy life style. Eating healthier will help you feel better about yourself. I learned about this on this website

  3. I thought that this article was very educational and helpful. I did my own research and found that food affects powerful mood-modifying brain chemicals, which are called neurotransmitters. A type of neurotransmitters are dopa mines which are chemicals release when eating proteins. They enhance your alertness and come from the amino acid tyrosine. I also read more into serotonin, which is also a neurotransmitter, and found that it is made from the amino acid tryptophan. It helps you control your appetite and satisfy cravings. It also helps lessen depression.

  4. Thank you for this Great topic. i did some further research and found that with out certain chemicals from food like tryptophan, we may become depressed and angry. that chemical has also been blamed for starting multiple wars and causing acts of cannibalism. i also found that not only what you eat, but how, and how often. all food can have positive and negative effects on our bodies. depending on your body.

  5. I think this topic relates to me a lot. I know that when I eat certain foods I feel better than when I eat others. I learned that organic foods are the best for your health not only now but in the future as well. In further research I learned that many doctors don’t believe that your food and mood are connected. After some research was done many scientists have come to conclude that when you are low on some vitamins you can develop some disorders. One example is low levels of vitamin B can show symptoms of schizophrenia and low levels of zinc have shown symptoms of eating disorders. I used this link for my research:

  6. I really enjoy the thought that many small attributes of our lives can affect our mood in many different ways and we don’t even know that it is. I found a very interesting article that talked about how Music can affect our emotions (Link at the end of the comment). Scientists at the University of Missouri have found that some people can make their mood better by listening to up beat music. Also people can effectively improve their moods and increase their overall happiness in just two weeks just by listening to music(according to Ferguson’s research, published in The Journal of Positive Psychology). For more about How Music affects our emotions go to:

  7. This blog was very interesting after researching more I found that what you choose for a meal or snack can make a difference in how much you eat or how soon you will eat again. When looking for foods to eat it is important that you eat food that is whole grain carbohydrates and or protein foods that are low in fat and that are also heart healthy. Organic foods are much better for you than processed foods because it is grown without fertilizers, synthetic pesticides, or growth hormones.

  8. The article I found also agrees on how sugar and gluten can worsen your mood. I can see how this is true but I also really like sugar. According to this article “cocoa boosts brain serotonin” which explains why chocolate is many people’s happy food. If eating healthy actually affects people’s mood them why doesn’t everyone eat healthier? It is good for your body and mood. I still think that sugar brightens my mood but maybe after my sugar high my mood drops. I think this article will convince me to eat a little healthier though. I also understand how carbs give you energy. For example the night before a big race you might want to carb load and store more energy than usual. I also knew how unprocessed food was healthier but now I know more behind that reason. It makes sense that it’s healthier to keep a constant blood sugar level.

  9. This blog was very educational. I further researched this topic and learned that dopamine and norepinephrine are chemicals released when you eat proteins. Dopamine and norepinephrine increase mental alertness and concentration levels. These along with serotonin affect your appetite. They are powerful mood-changing chemicals known as neurochemicals. When consuming foods that contain carbohydrates, it is best to look for foods with whole grains and fiber. As for proteins, lean meat and fish are the best options health-wise. A combination of these two things, such as chicken noodle soup with a side or fruit, would be an excellent option to feel full and satisfied after eating.

  10. This is a very interesting topic. After doing a little more research, I found out that certain substances in food can prevent different kinds of mental or emotional diseases. Caffeine, for example has been proved to lower the risk of depression, so if you are a “coffee in the morning person” and you believe it helps you get through your day emotionally then you are right. You can also replace certain foods with others more rich in nutrients like vitamin B. For example, switching out romaine lettuce for spinach in a salad could be a major mood shift that could be the difference between your bad day or good day.,,20732862_9,00.html

  11. This blog was very relatable and interesting. I have noticed that if I don’t eat very healthy foods, I do get tired after a while and will get easily annoyed. Foods that have natural sugar do keep me full longer, which is good.
    Organic foods reduce your exposure to toxins that can effect your health now and later. I haven’t read about any food that FOR SURE doesn’t effect your mood. everyone is different and I bet that everyone does have a specific food that they enjoy, is healthy, and doesn’t effect their mood. If it does, it should be in a positive way.

  12. I definitely feel different when I eat certain kinds of food compared to others. I always seem to feel good after eating proteins, carbs, and fruits. When I eat and drink lots of sugars I get a quick rush, but then I crash. The reason I feel good must be because of the serotonin released. If you wanted an additional source I found this website: I think the worst stuff is sugar and that is what causes the most fatigue. The only food that doesn’t really have any effect on my mood is some drinks.

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