Brain Tumor: New Technology of Diagnosis and Cure

Cancer and your brain are two of the most unknown things that scientists have not figured out yet. Scientists are trying to find new ways of detecting and healing tumors in the cranium. It can be very difficult to treat the insides of the brain, since doctors don’t know the majority of how it works. Therefore, some of the cancer cells can stay behind and can make a tumor again. However, some of these new ways to diagnose and treat brain cancer could possibly save lives or make the patient live longer. Brain Cancer  is a very tragic disease, challenging to diagnose, and even more difficult to try and treat it.

An image of a human brain from a MRI. The blue color is where the brain tumor is located.
An image of a human brain from a MRI. The blue color is where the brain tumor is located.

Brain cancer is a very mysterious disease. Scientists don’t know what causes brain cancer; there are very few possible examples but they have a very low chance of getting diagnosed with it. Many people have it in the United States; over 700,000 people have it in the US. Scientists use “sonication” turn cells seen by the eye to an audio cell to tell quicker if there is cancer in the cell. Brain cancer is a serious but unknown currently to the scientists and patients.

Brain cancer can be very difficult to diagnose the disease. With some of this new technology, we could possibly do this every check-up when we go to the doctor. Right now, doctors use a biopsy, and send the findings to the lab waiting for them to send the information back to the patient. However, this can take weeks to process the results, and then it could already be too late for the patient. By using audio, using cells vibration to see if it is healthy or cancerous, it gives rapid feedback to quickly try and stop decrease the brain tumor from growing any further. The audio is a better and faster way to find the cancer cells instead of using a biopsy. Scientists are making a lot of new technology to help detect brain cancer.

Brain cancer can be very challenging to treat. Scientists have not been able to cure the disease, but they can sometimes treat the cancer, although it can reoccur. After surgery, the biggest problem is to visually differentiate the difference of normal cells and cancer cells after surgery is performed. The Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital has invented a new probe to expose the cancer cells in the brain. The device is held in your hand and can precisely find the cancer cells during surgery. The method of using this is “laser technology” that can detect the cells in stages 2, 3, and 4 of brain cancer.

Cancer in your brain is something that needs to be taken seriously. Using the probe and audio to hear cells can help diagnose and treat brain cancer to patients that have it. The new technology of the probe can help prevent the cancer from reoccurring making it better to treat with and to get rid of cancer for all for patients. By using the audio method, doctors have a faster and a more efficient way of diagnosing brain cancer to patients. Brain cancer is an incurable disease, using this technology faster and efficiently treated and found the cancer cells in patients.



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