Ecstasy is a very dangerous drug that has taken many lives. There are many different forms of this drug. Each form does something a little different towards your body. Most forms of this drug have been in the past and most people know not to come in contact with it. The scientific name for this drug is methylenedioxyphenethylamine, more commonly called MDMA. There is currently research being done on the drug to not only be used as a harm to people, but to help cure some disorders, and-or issues, and there are many misconceptions about it.

Ecstasy itself is a very dangerous drug when not used properly. It makes the user feel really happy, like they’re having the best time in the world, even if they’re not doing anything exciting. The most common form of ecstasy currently is called Molly. Molly is a pure crystalline form of MDMA. This drug is most commonly used at social events like college parties, gathering, or different types of festivals. This drug makes them feel closer to each other then they actually are. However, the side effects for this drug are very dangerous. These side effects include extreme fever, fast heart rate, nausea, overheating, sweating, depression after use, confusion, anxiety, etc. The average amount of this drug in a dose is unknown.

Molly is currently being researched help PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). Many doubts have been raised on this subject because people know that this drug has the potential to be very dangerous, depending on how it’s used. If the drug is used in combination with other drugs, it brings out more of the harmful side effects. You can also expect some of the more negative side effects if you increase the dose you take, or continue to take doses over an extended amount of time. However, they are afraid of advertising illegal drugs, because they are afraid that they might get in trouble. Acquiring any sort of funding for molly is also quite hard because many universities, and scientists don’t want to get involved. If scientists, universities, or any other type of organization wants to get funding for molly research, they need to raise awareness of the potential good that this drug could bring.

Molly is slang MDMA. Molly is a finely cut version of MDMA. Most people like to snort the drug instead of taking a pill, just for convenience, and it’s more attractive in its crystalline form. Researchers believe that only 13% of Molly contains actual MDMA. Molly can come in either “pure” crystalline powdered form, or it can only contain a small portion of it. The pure powdered form very rarely contains solely MDMA. The other mixture that is put into the powder is very similar to the ingredients in bathsalt.

Molly is the pure crystalline form of the drug MDMA. It is very misunderstood, considering people that take it think that they’re just get a good-pumping drug that helps them feel good about themselves. A lot of research is currently going on about the drug on potential uses of it being good for you. The drug has leads to cure depression, anxiety, and PTSD. Research on molly has the potential to do a lot of damage as well.Ecstasy_monogram

  1. Do you think it’s safe to experiment with molly considering how dangerous the drug is?
  2. Why do you think people have a chance to become “hooked” on the drug?
  3. Do you think molly has the potential to cure some of the disorders out there?


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