Geothermal Energy



Geothermal Energy


Geothermal energy has been used for millions and millions of years. It is one of the cleanest energy sources today. If we keep using fossil fuels the way we are today it will soon run out and then there will not be any left. If we also keep using fossil fuels more c02 will be polluting our air and hurting mother earth.

How Geothermal produces electricity, is through hot water or steam extracted from high temperature reservoirs in the Earth’s crust. Moderate to low temperature geothermal resources are used for direct use applications such as space heating or district heating. In some cases geothermal energy is used to heat multiple buildings or in some cases, a whole community.

But today currently in the United States there are only 9 states that are using geothermal energy. One of those states is California, they have 49 geothermal plants it is the highest amount of geothermal plants in the nation.    Geothermal energy today has the potential to play a significant role in moving the United States toward a cleaner, more sustainable energy system. It is one of the few renewable energy technologies that can supply continuous, base load power. Geothermal

There are many advantages to geothermal energy. One of these advantages is that geothermal can produce energy all year long 365 days. It can also be extracted without using any fossil fuels at all, its all natural. Geothermal energy is also relatively non expensive compared to fossil fuels and other clean energy plants. Humans have also enjoyed geothermal energy in the form of hot springs for thousands of years too. It is very safe and a clean and natural energy source. More states are considering building geothermal plants one of those states is North Dakota.


Some interesting facts about Geothermal is that it can be found in the form of volcanoes and hot springs. Geothermal energy does not need to depend on the sun for its source of energy. It can also supply the US with 30,000 MW of power by 2050. Today geothermal is giving 18% of Iceland’s total electricity. Geothermal

So overall Geothermal has been around for many years. But we have just began to use geothermal to harness energy and so far it is very good and does not produce any harmful toxins into our atmosphere. Geothermal energy can improve the way that we live and it can reduce the Co2 that is emitted into our atmosphere today.

Will geothermal be useful in the future?

Is Geothermal energy the answer to clean source of energy?

Why aren’t we using more clean energy sources?


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