Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease; Killing Herds of Deer

dead deerEHD is a virus that is transmitted to deer to deer by small biting flies. It is usually reported late summer or early fall. When the first frost comes the HD will die and come back when the weather gets warmer. Early stages of HD they may appear lethargic or unresponsive to humans. The longer the virus is in there it will get worse and may salivate excessively or foam in the mouth. Usually they die fast and in good condition with no signs of HD.

HD rarely effects other species. However it can effect mule-deer, elk, and bighorn sheep. By far white tail deer are effect a lot more than any other species. HD spreads faster during droughts. The mud around the waters is breeding grounds for these midgets. The deer drink water in there waters and get the virus from drinking the water. In some areas the disease is not as bad but the other some herds are wiped out from this disease.

A lot of the outdoorsman like to shed hunt.  If this disease was at the worst they would find skeletons of deer instead of just sheds. Shed hunting is when people look for sheds which are the antlers on the male deer. Tons and tons have either skeletons or skulls. You will find these dead deer usually by the water. Humans are not effect by this virus but do not kill and eat a deer with this virus. This virus killed herds and herds of white tail deer and because of that they had to cut deer licenses down.

HD is a disease spread by a virus. This kills a lot of white tail deer. When the deer go to the water and get a drink they get the virus and do not have long after that. Usually about a day or two they die. The first frost comes it kills the virus. HD is very tough on whitetail deer.

Will there ever be a cure for this disease?

What can we do to help this disease so it doesn’t spread as much?

What will you do to help these white tail deer?

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