Oil Pollution Affecting Dolphins

Oil pollution has a large impact on dolphins. The oil spill that raged through the Gulf of Mexico back in 2010 still affects dolphins today. Dolphins do not deserve to go through this suffrage. Dolphins are not the only marine life being affected, but they do play a huge role in the outcome of oil pollution.

One of the effects of oil pollution is an interference in the reproduction to dolphins. The Barataria Bay was once covered in abundance slicks of oil. This creates a problem for dolphins making much more challenging for them to give birth. Two out of ten pregnant dolphins gave birth, these dolphins were being tracked for four years by two researchers from the Louisiana Department of Wildlife. A study had shown theses dolphins lack the capability to reproduce comes from chronic diseases and high mortality rate all from the source of oil pollution. Reproduction is not the only thing oil pollution affects to these dolphins.

As dolphins attempt to live their normal lives oil pollution still stands as an obstacle. The oil filth has given dolphins several abnormalities and different lung diseases. More minor, but still very affective problems include; chemical burns, ulcers, and internal bleeding if consumed. Surface oil really affects dolphins that need to surface to breathe, because of all the toxic fumes being released. Dolphins are strong mammals that shall overcome this battle.

As dolphins experience the impacts of oil pollution, it will heal with time, and hopefully sooner than later. Depending on the damages from the pollution a specific area could take years to decades to recover completely. Thankfully there are people out there to help these marine animals with process to recovery and survival. In specific, the dolphins who are going through a rough patch with their reproduction and different diseases they are acquiring and so forth. In conclusion, oil pollution is a real problem.

  1. What could happen if the oil pollution worsens?
  2. What more can everyday people do to help?
  3.  Is there more than just oil pollution affecting these dolphins?


2 thoughts on “Oil Pollution Affecting Dolphins

  1. I have always loved dolphins and they fascinate me every time I learn about them. It’s heartbreaking that oil spills are accidental and that the dolphins population is decreasing. I believe that their is a way to help them, by going to help clean up after oil spills or just by making small donations to the cause. Their are products that help clean animals in the oil spills and if you buy their products they might donate money to them. Their are different things you can do you just have to get out their and look.

  2. Dolphins find there way using sound and it makes it harder for them to do this if there is oil affecting them. Also if there is oil and boats near it can cause them to panic and are also at risk for death. Everyday people can help by being wise with water, cutting down trash, and being ocean friendly. There is always other things affecting them like plastic and humans that get in their way to harm them.


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