The effects and causes of Ebola

Ebola VirusImagine you are getting muscle pain, vomiting, weak, fever, and headache and you’re wondering what’s wrong with you. Well, that’s what Ebola is. Ebola can be very dangerous disease to have and it happen in Africa where they mostly have mosquitoes and many other viruses. . Ebola can cause disease in humans and nonhuman primates.

One reason, Ebola is a bad virus that can cause a deadly kind of hemorrhagic fever. And you can get through fetal infection. People also have noise bleeding and mouth. It is called hemorrhagic syndrome and usually occurs only in the late stages of the disease. Ebola can only spread body to fluids which means it can be spread human-human though needles or medical equipment.

Another reason, a lot of doctors are testing possible solution for those who are diagnosed Ebola or also knows as Marburg virus. Several vaccines and antiviral drugs are currently in development but are unlikely to be available imminently. Lastly, even staff members are scared to make direct contact with the patient who are sick with Ebola virus. 59% of people in Guinea and to neighboring Liberia and Sierra Leone were diagnosed with an Ebola.

Ebola is very harmful virus that you can even get it through your family members or friends who are diagnosed with it. Do scientist find a treatment yet? Well apparently not yet, but Many doctors and scientist are finding a possible treatment for Ebola. Where is this taking place? It’s taking place in mostly West Africa like Sudan and many countries not only in Africa it’s also takin place in South America North America and Europe.

Is there a treatment on Ebola in 2016?

Will Ebola become an epidemic in the United States?

Is Ebola virus related to Zika virus?








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  1. Researchers have not yet found a cure for the Ebola virus. researchers have been working hard to find a cure for this disease. Although there are some treatments for this disease. One of the treatments for this disease is an IV, and also balancing electrolytes. Another treatment they do is maintain the oxygen levels in the blood, and also maintaining our blood pressure. The last thing they do is treat other infections if they occur.

  2. To answer your question about having a cure. Currently there are no vaccines or medicine that is available to treat Ebola but there are however different things that doctors will do to help out patients with this disease such as providing them with an IV so the electrolytes in their body are balanced and maintaining oxygen and blood pressure levels if they become too high or too low.

  3. This is a really good idea for a blog considering it was such a hot topic a year or so ago. I wish there would’ve been a little more content in your paragraphs because I was left wanting more. I think what you had was very good however. To answer your question relating the Zika virus to Ebola I think they are definitely similar and different. When you think about it they have both been big virus outbreaks on the news. A difference is how they are formed. The Zika virus is something that gives babies birth defects and Ebola effects adults and kids. I think it is right to compare them mainly because of there popularity in the news and the fact that they are both viruses. In general I liked this blog and would read it again.

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