How Drugs affect the Brain and Body


What is a drug? A drug is something that a doctor can prescribe to you and it’s also a way some people get high. A drug is a substance that changes the way people body works. Drug, any chemical substance that affects the functioning of living. Medical drugs can ease the pain but some people take drugs just so they can feel better! But when they do take those type of drugs like marijuana, ecstasy, and cocaine they probably know that they are killing their organs and how the way they look and it’s also killing them physically and emotionally.

In many form drugs can severally effect the brain. Some people say that alcohol relaxes some parts of the brain, but that isn’t true it’s actually is a depression. Alcohol selectively depresses the brains impulse for self-control. Drinking alcohol can cause the brain to make you feel more energetic or free causing you to make reckless decision. Your memory is at stake when you drink because your blood alcohol levels rise.

Smoking nicotine can cause damages to the heart, lungs, and blood vessels. Nicotine stimulates the brain or the central nerve system, when you breathe it in. In an area in the brain called the reward system. The body quickly develop a tolerance for nicotine.

A drug is a compound that modifies the body typical natural reactions. Most drugs used today are chemical compounds created in laboratory. Medication is a drug that the doctor prescribe to you if you’re in pain but most people take it so they can get a high off it. Drugs can enter your body in several ways, it can be swallowed, injected or it can be a patch.



Why do people this is cool to do drugs?

Do they know its slowly killing them?

4 thoughts on “How Drugs affect the Brain and Body

  1. That was really good information but did not have more information on tobacco and nicotine. Many teen smoke cigarettes, chew tobacco and smoke e-cigarettes thinking that is not harm less. Most of the drugs directly target brain and reward the system, that y may people try to quit drugs but they can’t. When you smoke or chew tobacco your brain act same
    and reward the system. Tobacco is a leafy plant that grow around the world. to create tobacco, they burn it and add nicotine as a main ingredient that lead to addiction. Tobacco cause serious harm like lungs cancer.

  2. The reason why kids believe drugs are cool is because they see their role models doing them so they believe it’s cool. Some people may see examples of drugs in a magazine or on their favorite tv show and notice that the character they like is doing drugs. They think they are cool so they wanna be like them and do it also. Some teens know that the drugs are killing them, but most don’t. They are not wise enough to understand what could happen to them if they do this horrible thing.

  3. Overall, a good paper and an informative one at that. To what is at hand: drug addicts can have their senses and perception altered. Then they continue taking the drug to rid themselves of the pain, but it is only temporary and can lead to needing more as they continue taking it. This also fits into the addict not knowing it kills them from the alteration of perception.

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