The Problem with Plastic

Plastic is a very important resourPlastic pollution 2ce in the world. The only problem with it, is that it’s filling up land fills and destroying the environment, killing birds, fish, sharks, whales and other animals in the sea. That isn’t the only animals that plastic attacks and kills. It also attacks land animals that happen to eat it or wander into land fills and get trapped by plastic, but we can change all that.

Plastic can be reused over and over again in a multitude of ways.
Plastic can be turned into water bottles for reuse cutting down the use water bottle manufactures that waste plastic. We can cut down on the use of weaker water bottles that are used in quantity not quality. Plastic is also a good use for making clothing making the cloths you wear more water resistant and smoother. They also can even be used in some boats depending on the size of the boat and shape. There are many other ways we can cut down on the use of plastic such as using paper bags instead of plastic bags because paper takes a lot less time to decompose then plastic and they are a lot less harmful to animals. Even if we can’t stop the use of plastic we can still make a big impact to the environment by cutting down on it.

With the increase of garbage that we throw out each year puts more strain on the landfills around the world. Not only that but most of the plastic we throw away gets dumped into the sea causing plastic islands to form. The islands in the sea are very deadly to the wild life around them because of the chemicals they give off due to the use of chemicals to make the plastic in the first place. Killing even the mightiest of predators such as the shark. We can stop these islands from forming and rescue the animals living there by the reusing the plastic we throw into the sea making the sea a safer place to live.

In conclusion, there are many other ways we can do everyday things without plastic. Like take out the trash or bring in groceries without the use of plastic. Not only would this slow down or stop the decrease of wild animals to the loss of plastic but it would also make landfills fill less quickly and help stop of plastic pollution world round. So even thought plastic is a very important resource to the world there are ways to make the world a greener, friendly place to live.

How much plastic Is being thrown into the sea every year?
How big are the islands that the plastic waste creates.
How many animals were killed last year because of plastic waste.


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