Zika Virus

The zika virus is a disease that is caused by a virus transmitted by Aedes mosquitoes. The zika virus is a very new threat to the world. It is only in some countries right now, but it may continue to grow because of travel of people from country to country. Currently, it is circulating in Africa, the Pacific, Asia, and the Americas. Being a new threat, the virus has many cases of research being conducted on it. Research can help prevent, control, and stop viruses and diseases.

One of the conclusions from this research is that the virus has no treatments or vaccines. As a result of this, the virus is spreading rapidly. Dr. Margaret Chan, a World Health Organization director-general, told her organization, “The level of concern is high, as is the level of uncertainty. We need to get some answers quickly”. Another conclusion is that the virus is very closely related to microcephaly. Microcephaly is a neurological disorder that results in the birth of babies with small heads, and the virus often causes microcephaly when pregnant women have zika. Researchers looked at the rise in number of babies born with small heads, and concluded that these outbreaks happen where the virus is strongly present.  More research is being conducted still.

Inevitably ,microcephaly is not the only thing being linked to the zika virus. The paralysis inducing disorder, Guillain-Barre, has seen an up rise in diagnosis within areas where zika is present. This is very new information, and it causes researchers to believe the virus is causing this disorder. These two disorders caused by the virus make it more vital for this virus to stop spreading. Although they do not know how to stop the spread, researchers have ideas. Obama asked the Congress for 1.8 Billion dollars to combat the virus. The plan is to control the mosquitoes spreading the virus and to do more in-depth research on the vaccinations and cures for the virus. The virus needs to be stopped and that will take a great amount of money.

One other major question for researchers right now is if the zika virus can be transmitted through human contact. Every person who has reported a zika virus case in the United States got this virus out of country. Researchers concluded that this virus cannot be spread through people, but it can be spread from a mother to her baby. So, every case reported means the infected person got bit by the Aedes mosquito. There is no correlation in person to person infection. That is as of now, and researchers are going more in-depth to look at possible human transmission sources like sexual contact. They want to find out if sexual contact could spread something like the zika virus. Research will continue to be conducted.

Research on the zika virus so far has helped conclude outcomes/effects, prevention, and what needs to be done to take action against it. Although the virus is so new, we are able to collect a lot of info on it. Research will continue to look for vaccines and cures, as there are no known. Every piece of information counts, and when it is strung together, new things are discovered. The zika virus can be stopped and all of this new research is helping one piece of information at a time.

What preventative measures are being taken today to help prevent more people from getting the Zika Virus?

Are there any other diseases that the Zika Virus can cause?

What country did the Zika Virus originate in from the beginning?


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  1. The Zika virus was originally founded in Uganda in the year 1947. There has been more then 4,000 cases of Zika since 2015. The World Health Organization says it is likely that the virus will spread, as the mosquitoes that carry the virus are found in almost every country in the Americas. Zika virus was discovered almost 70 years ago, but wasn’t associated with outbreaks until 2007. http://theconversation.com/explainer-where-did-zika-virus-come-from-and-why-is-it-a-problem-in-brazil-53425

  2. According to the Britannica article Zika virus it was first found in a Rhesus monkey in Uganda. It was found as a febrile illness in humans (Zika fever). Species such as monkeys, elephants, rodents, and lions have been found to have antibodies to the illness. However human primates seem to be hosts of Zika virus with the mosquitoes as transporters. Your idea of the virus growing do to the travel rates are supported by this article. The disease is thought to be native to Africa and Asia but the factor of humans and the mosquitoes have helped it spread. I found my information here: http://school.eb.com/levels/high/article/625768

  3. Overall, the blog was highly informative and well-built, great sentence structure and fluent grammar. To the topic at hand, Zika virus was named after the Zika forest in Uganda and was discovered in 1947. Its first case was reported in 1952. Today, it can be found nearly all over the world, especially in tropical climates. Countries are working together, relaying information about Zika whereabouts to each other.

  4. This Virus has been watched for a long time by the entire world, a outbreak of the virus could cause chaos. But we are still doing our best to keep it contained, so it doesn’t spread to other countries. Countries who’ve previously had to deal with a dangerous virus like malaria, this makes it better for them to contain it because they already have experience. In the link below is a document on the Zika Virus.


  5. The Zika Virus originated from the Zkia Forest of Uganda in 1947. It was found in a rhesus monkey and was first found in a mosquito in 1948. In 2007 there was an outbreak of the zika virus on Yap Island of Micronesia infecting about 75% of the population. Six years later the virus appeared in French Polynesia. The Zika virus is traveling everywhere, but first started in Uganda.


  6. According to Wikipedia it originally originated from Uganda, but that is not the only place it has been seen. In 2007 an outbreak of the virus occurred in Yap, a western Pacific island. And more recently it has appeared in Brazil (Which is the current outbreak of the Zika virus). Preemptive measures such as insect repellent, placing screens on windows, and removing small water sources in which the mosquitoes like to breed, can all help prevent the virus. I got my information from this site: http://www.sciencemag.org/news/2016/01/zika-virus-your-questions-answered

  7. To answer your question if Zika Virus can cause another diseases the answer is yes and no. It is said that dengue and chikungunya, diseases are spread through the same mosquitoes that transmit Zika. So yes technically people can contract other viruses from this but also no the viruse it self does not cause other diseases. I got my information from. http://www.cdc.gov/zika/symptoms/

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