The destruction of Cardiovascular diseases

The cardiovascular system is a system in which the blood rich in oxygen and nutrients is sent to the organs of the body. Then the blood travels through the arteries and capillaries within organs throughout the body. Then the nutrients and waste is collected within the blood and is brought to the heart. The right side of the heart will send the used blood to the lungs to exchange oxygen and waste and back to the left heart to start again. I chose the events of alcohol consumption and tobacco use and how they affect your overall Cardiovascular System and cause Cardiovascular Diseases.

There are three main specific effects of drinking and smoking which are the main causes for cardiovascular diseases. One is coronary heart disease, which can be caused by high intakes of alcohol and tobacco use. Coronary Heart Disease causes chest pain related to an imbalance between oxygen need and oxygen delivery to the heart muscle, especially during exercise. The heart has to work over time during exercise or when you’re stressed. This imbalance can cause heart muscle death. People know this as a heart attack.

Another disease that can affect the cardiovascular system is a stroke. A stroke occurs when blood flow to the brain is acutely interrupted by local occlusion of blood vessels to or inside the brain. The occlusion of the blood vessels is the blockage within the vessels of the heart that can be caused by alcohol and smoking. Lastly, the most rapidly increasing form of cardiovascular disease is congestive heart failure. Congestive Heart Failure is an occurrence when pressure and fluid accumulate in the lungs. This occurs because of a weakened heart muscle or muscle thickening that stops the heart from filling or pumping optimally. Alcohol and tobacco use cause all of these problems and more.

The risks become higher when you choose to drink or smoke. It is estimated that 17 million people worldwide die every year from some form of a cardiovascular disease. Majority of this is from heart attacks or strokes. Many people don’t think about the risks they take when they do the following, drinking or smoking. Cardiovascular system is a sensitive part of the human body. One mess up can create chaos in your life.

Why is the Cardiovascular system so sensitive and need to be felt with carefully?

What are some reasons cardiovascular systems are in danger?

Do you know of any cures or anything that can help prevent heart attacks?



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  1. I answered,”Do you know of any cures or anything that can help prevent heart attacks?”. Something that I think could possibly help with heart attacks would be a healthier life style instead of having a greasy burger have a salad or just chicken. Make most of your meal at home so you would be able to control the calorie intake on your meals. You could also go on walks to help make your heart strong and pump faster and get the blood flowing through your body. You could get an animal to help with your heart problems because animals are proven to make you happier and that if you were to get a dog or something you would be moving a lot more and getting healthier without even realizing it

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