Pros and Cons of Hydraulic Fracturing

Many people believe that natural gas is the solution to solving several energy problems facing the U.S. But the only way to free the gas or oil is by the controversial method of hydraulic fracking.  This is a technique that releases natural gas or oil by pumping water, sand and chemicals, underground to fracture shale formations, freeing the gas or oil. Since the use of fracking started in the 1940s, controversy has followed with people on both sides of the issue.

Hydraulic fracturing or fracking is used to release valuable natural gas and crude oil from underground rock formations. The process of fracking starts with fracking fluid which is injected down the borehole at a pressure so high it causes the rock formations to fissure and release the gas. Fresh water is used to start the process, but is returned in a polluted state. This has sparked a heated debate on whether or not fracking should be allowed.

Hydraulic Fracturing is an efficient way of harvesting oil beneath the surface, but it comes with some disadvantages. Fracking is said to cause small earthquakes and the possibly larger ones. The largest issue comes from the pollution of drinking water. This is a cause of concern for citizens near drilling sites. Pollution of drinking water can lead to short and long term side effects.

Supporters of hydro fracking argue that there is no proven case of hydraulic fracturing contaminating drinking water, and the process is perfectly safe. Natural gas will limit the United States dependence on foreign oil. Supporters Claim that further regulation would do nothing but prevent an opportunity for the United States to develop an alternative energy source and create jobs.

In conclusion, hydraulic fracturing has been a highly debated topic since companies started using the process in the 1940s. Critics of fracking say it is an environmental hazard. Supporters claim fracking is a proven process of extracting natural gas or oil. I believe that hydro fracking is a proven process of attaining natural gas and oil. The benefits of natural gas outweigh the risk of hydraulic fracturing. Natural gas and oil will help the economy. Natural gas and oil will make us more independent, and stabilize energy prices in the US.

  • Do the benefits of fracking outweigh the risks?
  • Should the government do more to regulate fracking?
  • Is there a better way to extract natural gas or oil?


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