What is Air Pollution? Air Pollution is a mixed particle with gas and solids in the air. Air Pollution has been out in the world for a long period of time, but recently it has taken a huge part in China. Not only as it affects the atmosphere and the environment but it affects peoples’ health leading to lung cancer, high risk of asthma, disabilities, and a higher level of risk with developing heart problems.  
                The fossil fuels that are burned and the toxic chemicals are mixed in the atmosphere. It’s left on the plants and mixes with water. This is one reason why animals die, because they eat the contaminated material. China had released 70 plus city wide warnings on past days due to high levels of air pollution. The government also had to order the factories to stop producing, but not many local factories followed the orders. Which was up to 4,000 factories  not obeying the government order. Estimated about 100,000 drivers were pulled over by the Police. The visibility was so poor that flights were cancelled. 
                      With a New Year celebration of rooster in China. The fireworks made the air pollution much worse. The government can’t always tell the factories to stop supplying their product for much longer. The small particles, PM2.5, which these particles can easily be breathed in. The PM2.5 particles can cause the lung cancer. Beijing had a very dangerous level, which was measured 400 plus of microgram a cubic, a normal level is roughly around 10-25 microgram a cubic.  
                     Air pollution is not only the pollution which can affect the atmosphere and the environment. But surely we need to take air pollution more seriously and reduce the use of what causes the air pollution such as gas and chemical. This is one important source to focus on and solve the problem. 
What can the government of China improve on Air Pollution? 
How can we reduce the air Pollution? 
What can government do to those who doesn’t obey the order?


  1. Air pollution is very dangerous, it can cause a lot of serious sicknesses, This topic is important and I learned a lot. The good thing is, is that there are a lot of easy ways to reduce air pollution. Remembering to turn off the lights when you leave a room or turning off your computer when you are done helps conserve energy with helps reduce air pollution. Another easy way is to car pool or take as few trips when running errands as possible. Transportation vehicles are a big factor in air pollution. Even though they are very helpful. You can still get to places by biking or walking. Keeping your vehicle well maintained can also aid in reducing air pollution.

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