Are protein powders a good way to build muscle?

I chose this topic because I wanted to find out if protein supplements are an easier way to build muscles fast. Weight lifting is something that people do to gain muscle for a sport, to get stronger and other various reasons. Protein powders are known for speeding up the process for stronger muscles. But people should try and figure out why they need protein powders. I will also try and tell you what kind nutrition is in protein powders. And the types of protein brands that are popular and why they are popular. Let me explain why proteins are the better, faster, and easier way to build muscle.

Protein powders are made from different food sources like rice, eggs, and milk. The protein powders are made by taking protein components from the any main source of food. They also include protein concentrates, which is a high heat drying  process. Lactose, fat, and cholesterol are in the concentration. This is 60 – 70% of the weight of the protein powders. Protein powders are graded using Protein efficiency ratio, this is the weight gain that was tested on rats. The next is Net protein utilization, this is the ratio of amino acids converted to proteins to the ratio of amino acids given. Next is the Biological value, measure of the proportion of absorbed protein from a food that becomes incorporated into the proteins of the body. The final way they are graded is the Protein  digestibility corrected amino acid score, method based on the amino acid requirements of young kids.

The reason why people use protein powders is to build muscle faster. The protein come in pre-mixed so people can drink them right after working. There are plenty of  protein powders for all types of people. Some are the soy protein powders for vegans. There is also a whey protein for vegetarians.   Those who want a better diet can start a high protein diet.This would mean people would have to have a high intake of food that’s high in protein.

Here is the link to see different protein powders and prices from GNC. Some of the top protein powders are Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold Standard™ – Chocolate Mint and GNC Pro Performance® AMP Amplified Mass XXX™ – Cookies and Cream. The also have powders for the people that want too lose weight . This is GNC Total Lean™ Lean Shake™ 25.

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