Climate change forces Alaskan fish to change breeding behavior?

The three-spined stickleback fish is a well known fish to Alaskans it has two pointy spikes on its back and it is a yellowish brown color. It is located in the Pacific Ocean and some salt water lakes near Alaska. The first recorded spotting of the stickleback was in 1964. The rates of fish being caught near Alaska have been recorded for many years and the rate of stickleback caught in the 1990’s is double what is being caught now.

Mating occurs in early spring and summer for these fish and it starts with the male building a hollow nest with seaweeds or aquatic plants. After much cajoling by the male, the female lays her eggs in the nest and the male takes over parental duties, guarding the fertilized eggs and fanning them with his fins to provide them with oxygen. This is essential to the survival of the eggs, without the male the eggs would parish and most like be eaten by other species. Because of climate change, many less males are born and less food is available to them when they’re adults. Therefore, much of the eggs will die with the decrease of males being able to protect and nurture the nest.

Studies from the University of Washington have shown that the species and been mating earlier in the spring resulting from ice break up. All the answers point to climate change. The three-spined stickleback has been receiving a tragic downfall in numbers. The blistering heat being trapped in the O-zone is warming the temperature in the ocean is affecting many other marine life other then the stickleback. Fishermen have noticed the decrease in fish and the major decrease in the stickleback and its affected everyone. Without these fish in the ecosystem many other fish will starve or receive a downfall in numbers. Therefor, this shows us that we humans need to find a better way to get energy and quit polluting the world. More are effected then you may know, do what you can to make a difference?

Do you think that climate change is real and caused this problem?

How do you suppose we help this problem?

How can you help fix this problem in our society today?


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