Multiple Personality Disorder


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Multiple personality disorder is a lack of     connection in feelings, memories, identity, etc. Also known as Dissociative Identity Disorder. Many people experience a very mild dissociation, causing one to daydream or “get lost” in ones own thoughts. Going beyond the mild dissociation many people experience, this where people with multiple personalities tend to fall. This is a severe dissociation in the mental process. Due to these lack of connections this person may often confuse their own age, gender, race, etc. These people tend to subconsciously make up their own “character” and perceive that character as themselves. Ultimately creating a whole new personality next to many others that may already exist.

This condition is often caused by childhood trauma. Some cases have been said that the victim of this condition was emotionally, sexually, and or physically abused. Neglect can also play a big factor in the cause of this condition. Along with a cause there must be a cure. Unfortunately, there isn’t any medicated cure for this disorder. Years of therapy may help join these personalities into one.

In conclusion Dissociative Identity Disorder has been more and more common among us today. However, there are ways one can prevent this from growing. If childhood trauma declines, then the growing rate of people diagnosed with this disorder will decrease tremendously.

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1.) Do you think the people with this disorder realize they have this disorder?

2.) How do you think we can change the climb of this disorder?

3.) Do you know anyone with this disorder? If yes, what is it like?

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