Polar bears

Each fall, hundreds of polar bear’s migrate past this chilly hamlet, waiting for Hudson Bay to freeze over so they can venture onto the sea ice to pounce on unsuspecting seals. Then in the summer, instead of disappearing into carpets of wildflowers that blanket the tundra. Polar bears were instead pawing through town dumps, wandering near the airport runway, and snoozing on front porches. Those that survive the summer are at their most ravenous–and dangerous state. Starving bears often lose their natural awareness.

Polar bears are not currently an endangered species. Their total population is estimated to be from 22,000 to 27,000. Since 1970 while the world was getting warmer the polar bears numbers increased dramatically from around 5,000 to as many as 25,000 today than at any other time in the 20th centuryPolar bears are dying everyday due to global warming. Because of global warming, they are sleeping longer and starving themselves. Therefore  they have a harder time looking for seals to eat, but some polar bears do not even have foreskin anymore because they’re not getting enough food so their bodies aren’t growing properly. A way we can help the polar bears survive is to bring fish from one area of the world and bring it to the arctic or we could bring seals to Antarctica and help them repopulate, so it would be easier for polar bears find their prey.  



How is the weather affecting the polar bears?

    What source of food do polar bears prefer?

          Where are polar bears found in the world?


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