The Link Between Anxiety and Depression

Depression is defined as “an uncomfortable mental state that may be characterized by such adjectives as blue, dejected, or discouraged”. Anxiety is defined as “a state of emotional and physical disturbance induced in a person by a real or imagined threat”. They are often said to be linked together, and I agree. When I was very young, I was diagnosed with separation anxiety. When I was in 7th grade, my anxiety worsened to social anxiety and I was diagnosed with chronic depression.

Some symptoms of depression are; more or less sleep, sudden weight gain or loss, not wanting to engage in activities they love, or little to none energy. Some symptoms of anxiety are; constriction, feelings of being far away from reality or people, agitation, headaches, body aches and pains, or tiredness. There are many types of anxiety, the most popular are general anxiety and panic disorder. General anxiety is described as a person worrying about numerous things and not being able to control it. Panic disorder is when a person suddenly becomes overcome with fear and/or worry and their heartbeat picks up and their breathing becomes irregular.

Many people are affected by anxiety. Almost everyone has experienced anxiety at least once in their life. Though, if it persists longer than six months, then it becomes seriousĀ and can lead to more mental illnesses like depression.

-What other things can link to depression?

-What can lead to anxiety?

– How many people a year get diagnosed with anxiety and/or depression?

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