Why do Athletes get hurt?

Athletes everywhere suffer from injuries; it happens to everyone. You can’t hide from an injury. As you may know there are numerous ways to be injured and many parts of your body to injure. To avoid injuries, there are many things you can do, but it doesn’t mean you will never get wounded. There are also many reasons why injuries don’t heal as fast as they should. In this essay I will be answering these questions and giving you information to help you if you ever become hurt or need to help someone who is.

There are many ways you can get hurt, it could be from trauma, your training formula gets to be disturbed, or overloading your body without giving it a rest. There are ways to sidestep it, one way would be to get the accurate warmup in. It is essential to get your muscles warmed up and prepared for action. Also if you are using equipment, make sure it is reliable so you don’t get injured from faulty equipment. Another way to prevent an injury is to make sure you have proper form if you are doing something.  If you were lifting, but didn’t have proper form, that could possibly lead to an injury that really does affect you. There are various things that can be injured, a few of the common and popular ones are broken bones, fractured bones, sprains, pulled muscles and torn muscles. You probably have heard all of these injuries or even experienced them and realize that they are not fun and need a lot of care.

You may realize that a lot of people get hurt in sports, well that is very true. Basketball is the leading sport for injuries. In 2012, roughly 570,000 kids were injured playing basketball, 8,000 of them were hospitalized with their injuries. Those players could’ve prevented some of their injuries by wearing the proper gear. Football is right below for the most injured in a sport with a little more than 466,000 kids hurt in 2012. Just from two sports, around 1,043,000 kids were injured. This amount is unreal, the tragic thing is a lot of those injured people could’ve prevented their mishap by doing proper stretching and use of protective equipment.

Injuries are some of athlete’s worst nightmares, they do a lot to try to avoid this, but if they don’t some of this stuff may occur. That is why you should always take precaution with this stuff and do extra work to stay healthy. It does not take that much. You are never able to entirely prevent injuries from happening, but there is less of a chance of it happening if you take proper precautions.



  1. What things do you do to help your body?
  2. What things do you do to risk your body of injury?
  3. Have you ever been injured and didn’t properly take care of it?


One thought on “Why do Athletes get hurt?

  1. I agree injuries can happen to the best of athletes. No one knows when they’ll be next so the precautions listed above are helpful but I would like to know more precautions for different types of injuries other then just breaking bones. What about tearing ligaments or pulling muscles the more common injuries. How can I prevent that and keep myself healthy from those because I feel like breaking a bone is just unlucky where pulling a muscle you could stretch.

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