Climate Change in Agriculture

Climate change can affect agriculture in a number of ways, including through changes in average temperatures, rainfall, and climate extremes like heat waves. If crops and animal life wouldn’t have enough rainfall, they wouldn’t be able to survive and the owners wont be making money. There are changes in pests and diseases. Also there can be changes in atmospheric carbon dioxide and ground level ozone concentrations. Climate change can also change in the nutritional quality of some foods, and it also can be affected by sea level.

Climate change is affecting agriculture scientifically, with effects unevenly distributed across the world.  What the future holds will likely negatively affect crop production in low altitude countries, while it can make an effect in northern latitudes which were to be positive or negative results. In the south United States, they have droughts with rain, which effects the live stock and crops. Climate change is going to cause food shortages all around the world.

Despite technological advances, scientists have been researching on how to modify organisms and irrigation systems. Weather is still a key factor in agricultural productivity, as well as soil properties and natural communities. The effect of climate on agriculture, it can be related to variations in local climates, instead of the global climate patterns that would happen. The average temp now is 57.6 degrees F. The climate change will affect the crops in a negative way.

Climate change has been a big problem throughout the world, and probably won’t be getting better. The weather has a lot to do with farming. If farmers don’t get the right weather it would affect the crops and that would lead to harm to animals if farmers have.


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