How Music Effects You

                        Music has its many effects on the human body and brain. Different types of music have been utilized in types of therapies, used as a stimulant and as a way to alter emotions. 

Music has been used as a stimulant for patients who have had a stroke for instance and who have lost verbal functions.  Music is greatly associated with different memories, which is why it is used with patients who are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.  This technique that is used for these patients is known as melodic intonation therapy. This therapy uses music to alter/affect portions of the brain to replace those that are damaged.

The sound of music brings pleasure to the brain.  Listeners stimulate the sacculus, part of the inner ear, which responds to beats in the music.  The brain is pleasured by the beats which make the body feel good during and after the music has been played.  Pitch and tempo of the music is what affects the mood and physical process.  Inversely, music with a low pitch and a slower tempo generally produces a calming effect on the body.  These two effects are in comparison to when a person feels anxious or happy their heart and respiration rise and when a person feels depressed they tend to move slower.

Music affects the rest of the body by releasing a chemical called dopamine.  Dopamine is used as a pleasure signal.  The more a person is pleased with the music they are listening to the more dopamine is released throughout their bodies.  Through this process mood and emotions are altered.  Such process help patients dealing with stress disorders or depression as well.

Many positive benefits come from listening to music.  Music has been proved to be efficient in therapies, a way to alter moods and emotions and as a stimulant.  The different uses of music have been proven to positively affect learning, mental, body and emotional health. Music positively benefits the human body and brain greatly.


Do you believe different types of music have different effects on the human brain and body?


Do you believe there are many negative effects that come from music?


What other ways does music effect the human brain and body?

5 thoughts on “How Music Effects You

  1. I found this blog very interesting. I learned a lot of things about music and how it affects your brain and body. I didn’t know music was used to treat people with Alzheimer’s. I believe different types of music have unique effects on the brain. For example, when tested, people who listen to sad music often perceived a neutral facial expression as sad. The same is also true for the opposite, meaning that people who listened to happy music interpreted neutral expressions as happy. It is definitely possible for music to leave negative effects on our bodies. According to one study, if a person listens to their favorite type of music while driving, they are more likely to make mistakes and be aggressive on the road. Even though music can affect us negatively, a lot of perks come along with it too, such as higher test scores and better athletic performance.

  2. This blog was interesting because a lot of people enjoy their music and it helps them relax. It can also change someones mood or make them think clearly. I enjoyed this blog because, like a lot of people, I enjoy listening to music. I think it is interesting that Music has been proved to be efficient in therapies, as a way to alter moods and emotions and as a stimulant. Also it is interesting that Music has been used as a stimulant for patients who have had a stroke for instance and who have lost verbal functions. Here is another site on the affects of music.

  3. I really enjoy reading your blog and I also learn many things as well. and I did not know that the music are used for the therapies. I like listening to music, some times I really get excited to some songs and some songs just makes me feel sad and sorrow.
    but research shows that the music influence the process of thinking and learning. and it also promotes a more positive mood to the listeners.
    Here is the article that you can find more information about music effects you

  4. I learned a lot from this blog. I was unaware that music is used for certain types of therapies and to help people with Alzheimer’s. Personally, I have always enjoyed music and the memories that come with some of the songs but, I never thought that people with Alzheimer’s used music to remember things from their past life. Here is a website all about music therapy for Alzheimer patients.

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